Monday, 2 January 2012


This post would have been more impressive if it had been written on the 1st of January, but no matter. I spent the 1st of January doing what any self-respecting 23 year old would do: I was asleep.

I was asleep and then I watched two-thirds of the first season of Sherlock.

You see I am not usually one for making many new years resolutions, but this year I had, like, a lot. The list, which reads like a set of instructions from an overbearing mother, reads thusly:

  • Stop dropping your clothes on your bedroom floor, especially if they are clean.
  • Start doing your push-ups and sit-ups again; you're getting skinny.
  • Read that daily devotional that's sitting, looking forlorn on your bedside table.
  • Make it to morning service more than half the time okay?
There've been a number of reasons I just couldn't bring myself to blog for most of 2011, but the biggest one was that I had no freakin' idea what I was doing. All year. This isn't a negative thing, it's just a thing.

(I had a really good 2011, just so you know. It was much better than my 2010, definitely.)

Anyway, 2012 is looking to be a year where I know almost exactly what I am doing all the time. I feel like maybe this is a good environment for blogging, kind of like it was in high school and university. I knew what I was doing, I knew I could do the blogging. This is my hope for 2012.

I sort of hoped that I could start AFRESH with a brand-new blog on a brand-new platform, but alas that was not to be. Wordpress is amazing apparently, but I find it difficult to get used to. Right now I need as few barriers to doing the actual blogging as possible. Also I couldn't think of a good name for a new blog. Such a shame, really. Also, designing new websites is super, super annoying. Do not want.

So here are my aspirations for a NEW Fillet Skillet:
  • Topical posts
    • I'm not going to do away with conversational posts like this one altogether, but I want to write on point more often than not.
  • Updates twice a week
    • I mean, this isn't unreasonable is it? I used to update my blog every day, but that was before Tumblr came along.
  • This is a 12 month thing
    • This is going to be a blog about my experiences and thoughts about living on Iona. It is going to frame much of my other creative output (YouTube especially) for the duration of 2012.
Three things. This is achievable. It's achievable. This really is achievable.

Okay. This is pretty well it for now. My next post will be about what I've been doing since I last updated this blog. I'll see you then.


  1. Rohan! Fancy seeing you here! It has been a while, hasn't it? Well, if it helps you to keep up with your resolution at all, just know that your readers remain faithful. I am super looking forward to hearing more about Iona and what it is you'll be doing for the next year. Good luck! We're rooting for you!

  2. So good to see you 'back', Rohan! :D

    And I too spent most of the first day of 2012 in bed. No judgement!

  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :D

  4. I appreciate your idea here. Definitely it has a good content. Thank you for imparting more of your own thoughts. Good job!

  5. jejejeje nice to see you Rohan!
    in my case i spent most of the first day on my stickmaschinen

  6. Old post rohan but still very interresting like my new ijoy etop a. Bought it last week, and using it while browse your posts :)

  7. I spending most of my first day cleaning my Schmutzfangmatten