Friday, 22 April 2011

Derry and Durham

I am currently sitting on a train coming back from a two-day jaunt to Durham. Funny story, the train I bought a ticket on didn't come and I got on the next train without realising more than one company operated on this line. I got on the next train thinking it was the late one I had a ticket for, but it was run by a different company. The ticket inspector was not impressed and suggested I buy another ticket but relented in the end. I suppose it was because I am quite literally the only person in this carriage. Silly.

Anyway, I've been TRYING to blog from my iPhone but this app has made things rather difficult. More than once I have written 3/4 of a blog only to have it crash on me, losing the whole post. Even now it is acting jittery because of the patchy mobile coverage on this train line, so I'm saving regularly. Maybe I'll shell out actual money for an app in future. Then it might be better.

Um, I'm supposed to be writing about travel. I've left Northern Ireland now, obviously, and I'm staying in Edinburgh with Liam. Just like I'd been told, Edinburgh is the coolest city ever. I can't wait to explore it properly over the next week or so. Belfast was lovely and leaving the friends I've made there was hard, but that's the nature of this thing I'm doing.

While still in Northern Ireland we went for a day trip to Derry/Londonderry, whose name has become a shibboleth for what side of the Nationalist/Unionist divide the speaker stands on. It was certainly the most obviously divided place I'd been in Northern Ireland; the tensions there are still quite high. I tried to broaden my accent as much as reasonable so nobody would mistake my Australian accent for an English one and spit in my food or anything. Everything was fine though and we had a good day.

My two days in Durham were lovely as well. I had a good look around the town with my friend Joy and we went to the Good Friday service in the Durham Cathedral today. It was a "high church" service so it was a new experience for me, but really good. It was really beautiful.

I've just read back everything I just typed and realised it sounds really inane. I think I'll stop here, but I'll return soon when I'm feeling a bit more describe-y. Or something.

Okay bye.


  1. Uggghhh can I PLEASE be in Edinburgh NOW? I kind of need a job to be able to do that... but like... you and Liam?


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