Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blogging from the iPhone

Woaaaaah I have just discovered how to blog from my iPhone. I am legitimately excited about this even though I've already written out this post once and lost it because I accidentally hit "cancel" instead of "post". Still, this is a revolution in blogging; a golden age for The Fillet Skillet is dawning upon a flurry of phone-typed travel blogs each funnier and more informative than the last. I got a UK SIM card the other day with the MOST GLORIOUS prepaid data plan this Australian has ever seen. I've stopped using my computer for Twitter and email. I've started tweeting pictures on the go. How did I ever consider myself a communications geek without this beautiful fount of data buzzing away in my pocket all day?

My trip so far has been just lovely. Chilling here in Belfast with Paige (hopeonatenspeed) and some of her friends from uni. I also see Adam (whataboutadam) from time to time because he lives in a nearby town. Catching up with these two has been so good. They're some of the best friends I've made through this while YouTube malarkey.

On Saturday Paige, her friend Hannah and I went to Dublin where we caught up with Stephen (3sixty5days). We went to the Leprechaun Museum where we were told many a-story from Irish folklore (SPOILER: Everybody dies. Always.) and the Guinness Factory where we partook of (supposedly) the freshest pint of Guinness in the world. It was an epic day with more walking than I've done in a long time. I've only just recovered.

Finally, today I bought a pair of Doc Martens. I've since taken to clomping around saying things like YOU WILL BE DELETED. They make me feel 20 feet tall and I have to be careful I do not accidentally tread upon and kill any children or small animals. I promise to use my newfound power responsibly; only evil children will be slaughtered.

And that is pretty much it for now. Supposedly you can upload pictures to posts using this app but that is what got me in trouble the last time so that is just going to have to wait until there is less at stake. Until then, see you next time!


  1. Doctor Who reference!

    Everything seems to be reminding me of DW lately, even when it really shouldn't. I've been mentioning it so much that even one of my roomies that hasn't seen more than about 20 minutes has referenced it a couple times out of her own volition! I was so proud of her the first time!

  2. How in the WORLD did I miss going to the Leprechaun Museum while I was in Dublin?! Not fair. I WANT TO HEAR MORE, ROHAN! MOAR STORIES

    Ahem. I am glad you are enjoying your trip and that you have discovered how to blog on the go.

  3. You're a Doctor Who fan?!?! Awesome. :)
    Hope you're having an amazing time in Northern Ireland!!

  4. That is so awesome! I think I am going to have to visit your blog more often to hear the stories of the things that you get up to!

    A Leprechaun Museum. Really? woooooow

  5. Rohan, I know this post is a bit *ahem* older for me to be commenting on... ;) but I just had to say: thanks for writing as well as ... video-ing. :) You made me laugh out loud a few times through this post, and always have interesting, thoughtful, or fun & fabulous things to say. I always enjoy you. Thanks for sharing yourself!

  6. jajajajaajaj i hard yo blog from iPhone i cancel instead of post once
    I remember I even lost the idea but the post was about stickmaschinen

  7. Android for lifeee bitchess, apple is a russian spy in smartphone matter.

  8. Absolutly agree with martin, they even want to include google in the new ijoy etop a