Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Final BEDA. Work. T-shirts.

I'm doing my final post for BEDA in August uncharacteristically early in the evening - if 11:00PM can be considered early - because I have a full day of training for work tomorrow. Training is no doubt going to be a day packed full of role-playing and self-applauding, so I guess I need to have as much sleep as possible so I don't:

  1. Laugh at how clich├ęd it will be
  2. Get annoyed with my coworkers for being bad actors
I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound unenthused. It's just, if I wanted to be in stilted little sketches about disgruntled customers I would join the community theatre.

And in "I love my job" news, I found out today that Borders is getting uniforms (I'm 'meh' about that bit but wait I haven't finished) and the uniforms are going to be FAIR TRADE ORGANIC COTTON. As someone who has looked into fair trade organic t-shirts quite a lot lately, I know for a fact that would have cost the company a junkload. Good job, Borders. You did not forget to be awesome today.

Speaking of which, I'm still trying to find a good supplier for blank t-shirts. Mega-thanks go to Andrew, who basically did all the work for me. I'm thinking I might go with a local shirt producer so it's guaranteed sweatshop-free, but I won't go organic. Organic adds at least $5 to the base cost of the shirt, and I just can't pass on that expense and still expect people to buy them. Sorry environment. I even had the idea to buy shirts made from bamboo so I could claim SUPER-ULTRA-SUSTAINABILITY-ENVIRONMENTALISM! Those shirts were, like, $35 each though. Bamboo is cheap to grow! What is their problem?

And speaking of Borders and not forgetting to be awesome, my boss wants me to found a Nerdfighter book club at my store. This sounds like a great plan to me - indeed, I've been wanting to do that for a while now - but I need to rustle up some Gold Coast Nerdfighters. I know they are out there! I just don't have ANY of their contact information. Maybe I can just be like, "Hey it's on" and then put posters everywhere and then hope that they see them when they come into the store.

Anyway, enough about work and t-shirts. Let me talk about how I'm going to miss BEDA but I definitely won't be blogging every day NEXT month. BEDA always brings me a lot of good things. I always feel more connected to you guys because you KNOW there's going to be an update, so you visit every day and it's all nice and dandy. My friends IRL often read it too, which leads to me having some great conversations when I see them face-to-face. It also means they see me use phrases like "nice and dandy", though, which is a little emasculating, and totally all my fault. Finally, it makes me feel accomplished and helps set a routine for my evenings (mostly).

What it also does, though, is takes away from my sleeping and other online socialising. Sometimes I forget to blog until I'm just about ready to sleep and then I'm like NOOOOOOOO! So I'm going to take a little break. I'm doing quite a few other something-every-day-for-a-month things though, including Roboctober and NaNoWriMo. For September I am going to READ EVERY DAY. This is going to be a good month. I'm going to read, like, FIVE BOOKS. I haven't read that many books in one month in a quite a little while but I want you all to hold me to it. Okay? Okay.

I'm going to go and mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of powerpoint presentations and "Okay now you be your boss and your boss can be you." Apparently there's going to be free food at this thing, so it'll probably be worth it. Maybe. Oh, I get paid, so yes, definitely.

Your song today isssss... I've run out of inspiration. Your song today is...!

Yeah, you go ahead and enjoy that. I'm going to bed now.

See you SOON I PROMISE, but not tomorrow.



  1. Shall miss the every day posts indeed! BUT the fact that I shall see you IRL in, like, not very long makes up for it a little.

    I'm pretty darn proud of Borders for doing that. Borders was already pretty high up on my book shops because they sell John Green books. They're definitely number one now!

    Oh that song. That song. That is all I have to say about that song.

  2. Aww, this feels like the end of something, even though you're still going to blog. It'll just be, you know, different. Which is probably good for you because you'll actually be enthusiastic about it and not sleep deprived and that usually translates to much better blogs. I think August was a good month for you to blog, though. Lots of stuff happened and it was really cool to see how you handled it all. Now comes the part where I'm going to be like "I wonder how Rohan is doing?!" And then I'll remember that I don't actually know you and then I'll feel weird and sad...

    It's so cool that you get to start a Nerdfighter book club! I really wish those existed everywhere. I feel like there's a lot more world suck that can be vanquished when Nerdfighters band together.

    I suppose I must bid you and the blog farewell now. I've had a lovely time commenting. I hope knowing you always had at least one comment made it a little easier to blog.

  3. Aww, the end of BEDA! :( Sad! I'm also sad that I missed tonnes of it because I was away, but at least I've caught up now :) I'll look forward to your non-daily blogs! You better not leave us hanging for too long!

    Regarding Gold Coast Nerdfighters - do you think if you got in contact with the vlogbrothers that they might publicise it for you? I'm sure they'd be excited about the prospect of a Nerdfighter book club...

    Enjoy reading :) I've loved having some time for reading this summer as I never read for fun while I'm at uni. When I make time to read I remember how much I love it. Books are great.

  4. So... it's been a whole 3 months + 1 week. I think you should blog soon :)