Friday, 6 August 2010

Work. Nerdfighters. Librarians. Stuff ups.

I am a bad person. I didn't edit my video today. I should have but I didn't and I'm working all day tomorrow. Booooo!

Honestly it's because I can't bear the thought of uploading it. My last video was a 48-hour marathon of frustration and anguish. Frankly, watching season 1 of True Blood is a lot easier, thanks.

But no really, I'll put this thing together tomorrow night. I'll be tired but feeling triumphant because I'll have survived yet another day at work!

Speaking of work, today I had a Nerdfighter come in and buy Paper Towns. She bought it from another sales assistant but I was standing right next to them so I was like "I love John Green's books!" I was just about to ask if the customer watched his videos as well when she turns to me and says, "I know. I love them too. I know who you are, actually. You know, from... but I didn't want to creep you out." I exclaimed that it totally wasn't creepy but I think all I did was alarm her. That's the ol' Rohan charm at work right there.

Still, it was pretty cool. I like it when Nerdfighters come in to my work and identify themselves. It makes me feel part of a secret club. Apparently my coworkers think it's creepy, but what do they know?

I got a comment from Jessie today saying:
I recommend making friends with a librarian. They're spectacular people who can extend library loans multiple times.
I agree! Librarians are much more awesome than most. I know first hand because my dad is one. He was always my school librarian and he would often let me borrow books over the school holidays: awesome!

In newsreaders stuffing up bigtime news, this YouTube clip gets me EVERY TIME:

Just marvellous.

Your music video for today is by Brisbane band, The Grates. I've always liked them, and this song - Burn Bridges - in particular:

I've gotta go because I'm rising early again. Apparently I'm working in the kid's section tomorrow? I dunno, I'll believe it when I see it.



  1. I will never understand what that news lady was thinking... And that was a cool song, but I feel like I should've taken LSD before watching that video haha.

    Ooh! Working with kids? Is that really fun or really aggravating? Because they can be cute, but they can also be little monsters when they want to be, especially in large groups... But I love kids, so I hope it's fun for you!

  2. Ah! So cool that you got recognised!

    I'm yet to meet a Nerdfighter in real life that I didn't know was one before. Whenever I'm reading a John Green book in public I make sure the cover is easily seen just in case a Nerdfighter happens to walk by... -wishful thinking-