Sunday, 15 August 2010

What happened today. Scott Pilgrim (again).

Today I slept though my alarm and so did not Bible the teenagers like I thought I would. Instead, thankfully, Mitto was there to do the Bibling for me. I am officially the worst YouthStreet Sunday volunteer ever. *sigh*

Anyway, I still went to the 10:45 service and it was really good. Stu preached on "The Power to Change", about how our understanding and our traditions change in response to discovering more about God. By the way, you can read the transcript or download an mp3 of Stu's sermons from his blog, What Matters.

After church, Mitto and I caught up with my friend Tom and we went to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World for the second time. I seriously think I'm going to see this movie at least once more before it leaves cinemas - I love it that much. It's just so well-written and entertaining.

After that I went to night church, 12:two, where my first Week in 60 video was screened. It got a really good reception so I'm looking forward to uploading it to the Tubes. I'll record a short intro for it so I can properly orient my viewers as to WTF is going on and then I'll upload it. Ralph spoke about the parable of the talents and how it relates to the Kingdom Assignment. If you want to hear Ralph's sermons you can do so at his blog, Shift>>>.

I'm going to leave you now so I can go and do other things. The song I want to link you to here is Black Sheep by The Clash at Demonhead (written by Metric). It's probably my favourite song from Scott Pilgrim. I've listened to it a million times tonight. I guess I have a thing for female vocalists. Unfortunately I can't find a version of this video on YouTube that allows me to embed it in another site - SO ANNOYING! You'll have to click on the song title up at the top of this paragraph. Or click here. Whatevs.



  1. Rohan, every time you talk about Scott Pilgrim, it makes me want to go see Scott Pilgrim more. And I can't see Scott Pilgrim because I'm moving tomorrow and I have to pack. This is a problem.

    I look forward to seeing your Week in 60 video, though. Congratulations on it being received well!

  2. I saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday also. I loved it so, so much. Although a lot of the whole fifteen people in the cinema didn't find it anywhere as funny as I did. I was often laughing alone and not as hard as I would have liked.

    The pastors in my church probably don't even know what a blog is! I can say safely that at least one doesn't. He is my father. He might know what a vlog is now though. #corruptedmyparents