Monday, 9 August 2010

Wendy Francis. Feeling frazzled. Official title.

Doing Week 3 Day 1 Column 2 of the Hundred Push-ups Challenge. Will I finish? We'll soon find out!

No, I didn't finish. Damn that final set of 17! I can never do it! I think I might have to move back to Column 1 so I don't keep failing this.

I was at work today again. I've got a busy work week this week. I'm working half days every day except Thursday, which I have off. There'll be no working in Kid's this week I don't think.

This morning I woke up all drowsy and befuddled, not at all refreshed, because I'd stayed up way too late venting on Twitter about QLD Family First candidate for the senate, Wendy Francis. The story goes that after I posted last night's blog entry I went to do a last check on my Twitter feed and I saw a retweet of the image you see here to the side. I was so shocked and angry I tweeted about it twice and then posted about it on Tumblr, as well as further retweeting the original tweet I saw.

After that I just couldn't shut off my brain. I was having heated, imaginary arguments with Wendy, as well as other people. The point I kept repeating to myself was that no matter what you think of gay marriage, these now-deleted tweets are still fundamentally unacceptable. Not only do they vilify and victimise a minority group, they contain a cruel irony: same-sex attracted youth are one of the highest-risk demographics for suicide - not because of any sort of chemical imbalance (or because of bad parenting, although this isn't exactly what Wendy meant) but because of a complete lack of support and because of messages like Wendy's. In decrying what Wendy believes to be a cause of youth suicide, she actually contributed to one of the leading causes.

It particularly irks me that Wendy implicitly uses her faith as an excuse to say that homosexual parents are emotional child abusers. Christians should be drawing close to gays and lesbians, getting to understand each other, not throwing up barriers like this. So while Wendy says these things in the name of Christ, or "values", or whatever, this is a fundamentally un-Christ-like act. Not to mention that the tweets were quietly deleted with no apology or attempt at reconciliation. Grr. I know who I'm putting last on my electoral ticket now.

Anyway, so I got up and I was still sleepy. Then I ate a pizza. Then I realised that Centrelink had scheduled a meeting for tomorrow that I could not attend, so I had to quickly call them and reschedule. Unfortunately, running the gauntlet of automated messages and voice-activated systems left me feeling frazzled even before I left the house for work. It was okay though; it was a quiet day and I was working with some great people. I left work in a much better mood than I arrived.

Tonight I applied for a raft of jobs. There were a few I was actually really excited about. Fingers crossed, but honestly I don't have my hopes up. In procrastinating about writing cover letters I responded to a tweet my friend Roxanne sent me with a link to my "official title - use where appropriate":
“Rohan Skillet, by the Grace of God; Protector of Poultry; Gentleman of the Network: YouTube, Twitter, &c; Fellow of Nerdfighteria and Dominions Beyond the Island; Don of Punct-Rock; Member of the Most Awesome Order of Best Wishes; Defender of the Semicolon.”
For the sake of individual blog posts not showing up in my search results I've replaced my real surname with 'Skillet'. Make the appropriate change. No word back from Roxanne yet.

Tomorrow I'm working in the morning and meeting with my friend Dan for coffee in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to it a lot!

Your song? Well Ryan declared it Nerd Core day today on Twitter, so you can have Don't Unplug Me by ALL CAPS. I'll post Tessa's music video because it just hit 1,000,000 views yesterday.



  1. I showed those tweets to a friend at Uni to today and we had a bit of a discussion about them. I couldn't believe what I was reading. So annoyed.

    I love, loooved Tessa's video! I'm so glad it hit the million. Really, really well done. She looks amazing with short black hair too. ;D

  2. I very much look forward to the day when people like Wendy Francis are seen for what they are (liars, idiots, etc) and not as an example of Christians. Hate like that will only push people away from knowing Christ.