Monday, 23 August 2010

Uninternettable stuff again. Work videos. Quality time. Tomorrow. Little Sister.

Remember how yesterday I said I had a wonderful day but that I couldn't put any of it on my blog? Today was exactly like that except it made things about four times more complicated. It's a good kind of complicated but it's still complicated ifyaknowaddimean. I also obtained A CERTAIN SOMETHING that I will not disclose, mostly for legal reasons.



Also, work wants me to make videos for them. Ten videos by Friday. This means a lot of extra hours for me (yay!) but also, like, how on Earth am I going to make ten videos by Friday? This has something to do with the uninternetable wonderousness of the past two days. You'll get the full story in time but for now you'll have to make do with only that half of the story. It's time to dust off my vlog-coaching skills I formed on my holiday to Auckland. YOU WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF THE CAMERA. LOOK, IT IS VERY SMALL. STOP LOOKING AT YOURSELF IN THE VIEWFINDER. OKAY, I'M TURNING THE CAMERA AROUND NOW. SPEAK UP. LOOK AT THE CAMERA BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH.


I don't actually coach like that, I just imagine that I do. I'm feeling strange.

I also had a catchup with Ralph tonight. We saw Salt and it was a pretty good film! You should see it if you like pretty good films about secret agents. (For the record, I like pretty good films about secret agents.)

After that we had a good talk. I'm a quality time/words of affirmation sort of person, so tonight was like a drink of cool water for me.

Tomorrow I'm going to film four, hopefully five videos at work - early. Then I'm going to sit in the tea room and edit like CRAAAAZY until 2PM. Then I will <redacted>. Then I will probably go home and edit some more without getting paid on account of how badly I need to get these videos done. Then I'll script my next Week in 60 video which I feel has to tiptoe into the precarious world of Australian politics. I promise I won't take sides. Then I'll script a bunch of other videos?! Some of them are going to be fun to make. Having fun on company time for the good of the company? WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?

Then I will read pretty much nonstop for a good six or seven hours. Sorry to everyone I'm neglecting on Skype. I love you but I was just impressing upon my pastor the importance of reading stories and how it makes us better, more empathetic people. I need some more of that in my life.

Tonight I also blogged the following words on Tumblr:
I’ve always liked songs about little sisters. I’m the youngest in my family by a span of nine years. I think I’ve always wanted a little sister. “Little Sister” is such an affectionate name, too. I’d love to be able to call someone that.
And here's the song to go with that little snippet: Djohariah by Sufjan Stevens. It's 17 minutes long but totally worth it.
Go on, Little Sister! Go on! For you're beautiful! Beautiful! All the fullness of the world is yours.
See you tomorrow! (Wow BEDA is almost over! I can return to normalish sleeping patterns soon!")


  1. Rohan, my curiosity is going to reach a boiling point pretty quickly if you don't stop teasing us with all these little hints!

    I feel like 10 videos is a lot. Is that just me? Because it would take me about a year to make a video, I think. Then again, you do it so regularly that maybe you can crank a really quality video out every hour...

    And I will not dignify your excitement for the end of BEDA with a response, seeing as it's going to make it ever so much more difficult to keep up with you. Unless you resume posting videos regularly. Which... you should do anyway.

  2. I guess that either you got a visa to another country, won a game show, or got your own radio show! XD You've read the 5 languages of love haven't you! It is a great book. I agree with Colleen, you need to post more videos! They are awesome!

  3. Still majorly curious about this uninternetable thing. I can't even think of what it could be!

    10 video by Friday is insane!!! It's so much! Good luck with them all the same!

  4. Salt is indeed a good film :) I enjoyed it! I saw it at the drive-in movie theater when I was in the States this summer - the same night I saw Inception (WOW!) and Knight and Day (mediocre). That was a very very fun (and late!) night...

    Also, quality time and words of affirmation are my love languages too. I love love languages. It's amazing how it can help to undersand and relate to people better.