Saturday, 14 August 2010

Things to do. ABC iView. Romance. T-shirts. Dress ups.

Okay, so tomorrow I have to get up and get to church by 9:00AM and say something reasonably intelligent and relevant (good luck!) about John 7:45-53 to a bunch of teenagers. But hot damn, you guys, my internet connection is running fast enough that I can actually stream video without letting it buffer. So I'm going on an ABC iView binge.


Okay so I watched two episodes of Yes We Canberra, one episode of The Making of Modern Australia and now I'm watching the latest episode of Gruen Nation. I wish I had time to watch the two episodes of QI that are sitting there but considering it's 1:00AM now that would be properly irresponsible.

Ok so that episode of Making of Modern Australia was about how our romantic relationships have changed since the 1950s. Right at the end there was a story about this farmer who ended up marrying a city girl after a two-year on-again-off-again long distance sort of thing. Anyway, it was very romantic and made me feel single for the first time in a quite a while. Normally it's not something I think about very much and in all honesty I'm not really, properly looking. I'm much too flighty, it seems.

But yes, single Rohan is single. I would like to go on dates to the library please.

This, plzkthx.
Oh hey so thanks for your comments, Colleen and Tara. They were just right. I'm rather pleased with the imagining people complexly comment because it affords me a rather handy segue way into the fact that I want to dress up as John Green at Mitto's upcoming from the internets party. In order to do this I'd like to have a shirt with the words "IMAGINE ME COMPLEXLY" written on it. My naturally puffy hair and some 3D-glasses-with-the-lenses-popped-out will provide the rest of the costume.

If anyone knows the best and cheapest way I can get one of these shirts printed please let me know. Right now I'm looking at a situation that involves me buying a plain white t and a black texta. You know, that'd do but I'm hoping for something a little classier.

And I'm going to leave it there for tonight; those teenagers won't Bible themselves you know.

Your song today is Gardyn by Pogo, which is a tribute to his mother. I love it because Dad is a keen gardener too, so I totally get why this video would have been a marvellous present for her. This was the first YouTube video I ever showed my dad that he actually seemed to enjoy. Plus, it's awesome - mixed from samples of Pogo's mother talking and gardening. Enjoy:



  1. My sisters name is Colleen and since it's not a common name it tripped me out a little when I saw our names written together. #justsayin'

    I saw that photo on your tumblr the other day. It is so sweet <3

    You could get off so easy and come as yourself, Rohan! :P I'm still not sure what I'm going to come as yet. Tessa seems like an option, I might actually buy one of her shirts. I too was going to wear 3D glasses with the lenses popped out...hmm

    I shall see you there! :D

    All the websites I have come across that you can create your own shirt are rather pricey. The only thing I can suggest is fabric paint which is a little more classy than a texta but not particularly classy in the long run.

  2. I once tried to wear 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out for a Halloween costume, but I waited until the last minute and then it was a lot harder to removes the lenses than I thought. I ended up just wearing them with the lenses and BOY did I have a headache at the end of the night! Lesson: Prepare early.

  3. Ha, your romance plight sounds like mine (even the library part! oh em gee! shame I live in ol' America). Last week I felt single for the first time in a while. We single folks are awesome.

  4. For the tee shirt you can buy some tee shirt transfer paper at the craft store ( this is how it looks like :) ) Or you can try this technique . I laughed so hard that there is a show called Yes we Canberra, what a great name! And thanks for all the cool music! I love Pogo's music, you should listen to Upular (if you haven't already). Every time I read your blog I freak out because it is always a day ahead of the current date where I live. Just like the saying here goes, it can't be the end of the world today because it is already tomorrow in Australia!

  5. Hey Mate,
    Zazzle is probably the cheapest, but never used them, and may take time to get to you.

    Have you thought of getting some iron on transfers, wont last that long, but if it's only for one night it would probably work a charm. You can get find them at office works and other office stores, use your printer or photocopier, then iron it on (or something like that). May still be costly when you but a cheap T and a pack of transfers though.