Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Tonight is yet another night I really do not want to be blogging at all. Not for any PARTICULAR reason - my day was fine. But I don't actually have anything to say.

So I guess I'll do Hayley's senses thing:

Today, I saw: some videos I'm happy with come together at work. I even got paid to make them. Good times. I even asked if I could get paid to make videos for the Borders Facebook page in the future. I got a tentative yes. Makes Apple look doubtful.
Today, I touched: my copy of Mockingjay.
Today, I smelled: a teabag at my friend Luke's place. I like the smell of tea.
Today, I heard: this music, made by Ze Frank's cousin. You can download it for free, too. I also heard my friend Mitto try (and fail) to play Final Fantasy music on the piano. I didn't try at all, though, so I guess he wins.
Today, I tasted: butterscotch pudding, baked by Luke.

Your music recommendation was up in the senses thing. Here's the cover art to make the post look pretty:

See you tomorrow, when I'll (hopefully?!) be more enthusiastic about this blogging caper.


  1. I'm probably going to be yelled at for this because I've seen it allll over Twitter, but... what is Mockingjay? Have I been too immersed in starting college again to realize that there was an 8th Harry Potter released or something?

    Also, yay for getting paid to do what you love!

  2. I'm totally going to learn a Final Fantasy song on piano. Then I will win -triumphant hand gesture-