Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rain madness. Friends. Employment pathway.

Today I went to work and it rained. You wouldn't think that would be much of a problem, considering I work inside, but people here go crazy when it rains. We're emerging from a drought that has gone on and off for about ten years so when it rains people just can't handle it. They forget how to drive. They forget all their manners. They go shopping - but they don't buy anything.

That's what my day was today: junkloads of people all antsy sort of "Where's-my-sunlight?" in the store asking for books that went out of print ten years ago. And they didn't forget to bring ALL the screaming children. I did get to gush about Hunger Games, Chaos Walking and John Green's books to a local librarian though. I think that makes it all worth it.

It was only a half-day at work today and in the afternoon I had coffee with Dan. I also got a call from my friend Jeshua, who wanted to know what airline I flew to the States on. Apparently he might be going to some sort of police training thing in Florida next year. It was good to hear from them both.

I also had an impromptu meeting with my "employment pathway officer", or whatever she's called, while I tried to reschedule another meeting (staggeringly, this is a different set of people with their own meetings - oh bureaucracy!) Anyway, I went in to the office to reschedule and she ended up saying "Hey why don't we just make the meeting now!" She had nothing to say to me though, so the meeting was very short. But we still officially had the meeting. No, I'm not actually kidding.

Now I'm sitting in bed sort of feeling like I've forgotten something of utmost importance. I haven't actually felt like this since I was at uni. Is there an assignment I have due? An appointment I have not kept? There are two things I know I haven't done yet and they are as follows:
  1. Post a new video (I'm working on it, sort of)
  2. Read Ephesians 1 for small group tomorrow night
Um, I should probably do the second one now, so I have some time to meditate on it tomorrow.

Oh! I just remembered the thing I need to do! Employment pathway lady wants me to email her my résumé. That's not important enough to get antsy about. Maybe the rain is getting to me too.

Okay, prepare yourself for what will probably be the trashiest thing I'll ever put as my song for you. Just Be Good To Green by Professor Green feat. Lily Allen. I put it here not because I would actually have this on my iPod, but because I enjoy it so damn much when I hear it on Triple J. I like Lily Allen's vocal, okay?

'Til tomorrow.


  1. People are SO WEIRD about rain! I was in Florida at a water park a couple of summers back and it started raining. Instead of thinking "Oh hey, we're already wet and the rain isn't even cold, so this is no big deal" everyone crowded under approximately 3 covered areas. It was madness. And even in my hometown, one of the most famously rainy places in the US, no one can drive in the rain.

  2. It's exactly the same in Toowoomba with the rain. Oh my gosh people just can't handle it! Especially school aged kids. Any kind of wet day and they all just go insane!