Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Quick Post.

Um, I'm halfway through writing a fairly involved blog post that I'm just not ready to publish right now. It's 2:40 in the morning and I'm just not going to be able to do what I want to do tomorrow if I push it any further.

So, sorry. I had a good day today. I went to work. I saw Scott Pilgrim for the third time (I'm determined to save it from its seemingly inevitable box-office demise, it seems). I thought about the future.

I'll try and finish the blog post I've spent all this time on tomorrow - or, today as it may be.

I'm not even making sense! Aaaaaaah!

Here is YouTube Boys Get Me Hot by my friend Paige. I feature in this song. Sometimes I sing my own line to myself... awkwardly.

Tomorrow! I promise!


  1. I'm really sad that I'm sitting in a library without headphones so I can't watch that video...

    Scott Pilgrim is doing poorly at the box-office? But WHY? It was so good! I don't understand...

  2. Third time already! Wow! That is impressive!

    Paige is amazing. I love Paige. Paige named my flute for me. <3