Sunday, 29 August 2010

Plants vs Zombies. Kingdom Assignment.

I think I've grown a little obsessed with Plants vs Zombies. I like devising new strategies for defence. I play it when I should be reading. I can see it behind my eyelids when I close my eyes.

I try and distract myself by watching YouTube (which I'm behind on - aaaah so many videos to watch!) but only find myself looking up videos of people cheating at PvZ.

It's just so addictive. Best $10 I've ever spent. I would totally play this on an iPad, if I had one.

Anyway, enough about that game. I should probably ban myself for a while so I'm free to do other things. I like to play it while video footage renders, though. AAAAH MUST NOT PLAY ANY MORE. READ INSTEAD.


Enough about that game, for real this time. My church is doing a wonderful thing and I haven't talked about it yet. About a month ago Ralph was delivering a sermon and called for "about 45 volunteers" to do something to expand the Kingdom of Heaven. Forty-two people and I got up and said yes, whatever it is we'll pitch in and make this idea work. Then Ralph handed each of us a $100 note and told us to use it however we felt would best benefit the Kingdom. He called this the Kingdom Assignment.

People have come up with all sorts of ideas. Some people are using the money to help launch a Gold Coast youth culture magazine that doesn't focus on getting drunk on the weekends. Some people are using it to set up microfinancing loans. Some people are using it so they can buy coffee and catch up with people who are having trouble connecting with others. Some people are using it to hand out free bottles of water to nightclub patrons on Friday and Saturday nights.

Other people are investing the money in order to multiply it so it can be donated back to the church. My idea falls into this category. I'm thinking of creating Kingdom Assignment t-shirts which I can then sell. I'm also considering creating a RoboFillet t-shirt for people who want one. Those proceeds would also go towards the Assignment. I've been thinking about how I can use my online presence for the glory of God and not the glory of myself; this seems like one way I could try.

The design I was thinking of for the KA shirt was a parody of the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON design from the British WWII propaganda office. I'm not sure about it now, though. My idea was to replace the KEEP CALM slogan with:


or some other combination of some of the beatitudes. I thought there may or may not be "BLESSED ARE THE" in small caps above the word "POOR". The idea is that these are the people the shirt is designed to help. The crown at the top implies the Kingdom part of the Kingdom Assignment, and the reference to the original poster represents everybody pitching in and doing their part. I'd probably print them on chocolate brown shirts to represent 12:two (brown is our colour) and to contrast with the original series of posters, which were printed on red, blue and green. I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea though. Would anybody wear it? Would anybody even want it in the first place?

The RoboFillet t-shirts would be designed by a real design-person (Karen Kavett?) but would probably be white and would definitely feature my signature chicken.

You're all so lovely and had plenty of useful things to say about my posts about New Monasticism. I think I'd like your feedback on my idea. Would you buy a t-shirt if I sold them? What do you think of the design idea for the KA shirt? How much would you pay for a shirt?

And, just out of curiosity, what would you do if you were given $100 to make the world a better place?

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot to include a song today! Here's Hillsong United's Tear Down The Walls. We sang it in church tonight.


  1. I downloaded the trial version of Plants vs. Zombies after you mentioned it the other day. I understand your problem not playing it.

    I'm pretty sure I would buy one of those shirts, assuming they would be available to us in the States. I'm not sure about pricing, though. With stuff like this, I'm usually more amenable to higher pricing because it's going to a good cause (not that I'm advising you to jack up the price because I think you're more likely to sell more if they're reasonably priced). I like the idea of the shirt, too. A lot of times I'll want to support the people selling shirts, so I'll just buy them and not wear them, but I think I'd actually wear that (assuming it's designed well and fits and all that). Do you think it'll be evident that it's a play on the "Keep calm and carry on" slogan, or does that not matter as much? Because I feel like even if that doesn't come across, the message of the shirt still stands.

    I think if I were given $100, I'd use it to take food around to homeless people. I've always wanted to do that, but I always get busy doing other stuff and it falls to the wayside (and now I live in a fairly homeless-free area). I can't imagine the homeless get a lot of people loving on them and small gestures can mean a lot to someone who doesn't have anything else.

  2. I've played plants vs zombies on the computer and on a friend's ipad and the ipad version is a lot harder, or I am just more uncoordinated without the use of my mouse.

    Also I agree with Colleen on the t-shirts. If they were available in the US I would most likely buy one. And I'm also not sure on the price. You'd have to figure out how much it would cost to print the shirts plus how to make a reasonable profit on the shirts. I think it's a great idea.

    I'd use the $100 to help buy yarn for the Warm Up America project. My church collects the squares every year and I think if we were able to provide the yarn we'd get a lot more people knitting or crocheting.

  3. When Ralph said about making KA shirts two Sundays ago when he was giving us a heads-up on people's ideas so far, I didn't realise that that was your idea. And Lauren and I turned to each other and went "THAT IS SO COOL!" So yeah... I like it :) I didn't know about the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' slogan (the link was useful! Ta!!) but I still really like the idea of what you would have for the design. And it would be a good talking point too... People would potentially ask about the shirt (it they are anything like me that is and like cool t-shirts). And that could give us the chance to reveal God to people, potentially extending His kingdom! That's probably your objective in this too... not just to raise the money. You're a smart cookie!

    Yes! I would definately wear mine.

    Thought: Will the shirts be fair trade? That would make them a bit more expensive I assume though.

    AND! I'm seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tonight. Be pround :P

  4. I just got over my minesweeper addiction so I better stay far away from plants vs zombies lol

    The the t shirts sound awesome and I love the idea about Blessed are the at the top. I would love one of those shirts (I was literally thinking today that someone needed to make awesome christian t shirts!) I would pay $17 AUD for one (I also like the color choices and you should make it available to us in the States :D please!). The robofillet shirts sound cool too!

    If I had $100 dollars either set up English classes for immigrants (there are a lot of women who don't speak English at the apartments I live and I can only imagine how hard that would be) and have areas they could have their kids babysat during the classes (that would take a lot of volunteers though) or buying yarn to make mittens, hats, and/or scarfs for the homeless. Oh, or buy food for the homeless. One of the couples at my house church went put to carnivals and asked teens questions giving them a dollar for the one they got correct (such as what is the tallest building in the world) then after a group comes over and is having fun they have a five dollar question which is are you a sinner which gets them to think. They have the spiritual gift of evangelizing. My dad has done stuff like hand out Popsicle and water bottles at a park or umbrellas at a celebration when it was going to rain.

  5. The hundred dollar idea is so awesome. I really do want to make it to one of the night services at your church one of these days. Perhaps the Sunday after Mitto's party. Hmm.

    I would certainly buy both the "BLESSED ARE THE POOR" and the Robofillet shirts. I'd pay about 30 dollars for each I think. Things are often more expensive if they're fair trade though, so with that in mind I'd pay more. Maybe only buy one or the other though. My poor Uni student self can nay afford such expenses.

    To be honest I don't know what I would do with 100 dollars. I can't think of anything original, but the one with buying coffee for people who have trouble connecting definitely sounds like something I would do.

  6. Oh I forgot to say that I am American so I would have no idea what t shirts would go for in Australia, I just gave a guess. :D

  7. I like the t-shirt idea. I have a huge poster in my room at uni that's a play on that slogan, that says "WHERE THERE'S TEA THERE'S HOPE" - which always makes me smile, because I love tea.

    I'm not sure I'd buy one though, as extra shipping to the UK would make it cost more, as well as the fact that I don't tend to wear unisex t-shirts. I have some, but I just never wear them - I'm more of a fitted t-shirt kind of girl. But if you do make them, I will consider buying one as I like the idea a lot :)

    I'm not sure what I'd do with $100. It's a very good question! I think I'd use it to buy pretty notecards and stamps, and write letters to people who are lonely. Not sure exactly who - maybe people in care homes, or persecuted Christians. I love getting handwritten letters, and I think it would brighten a lonely person's day to get a personal letter in the post.