Monday, 30 August 2010

New week's resolutions. Kingdom Assignment. T-shirts.

Oh look look look! This is actually happening! But the image of me uploading a video isn't uploading because I'm uploading a video! Anyway, I'm uploading the first of my 'Week in 60' videos. This week I've made a number of resolutions. I'll outline them here:

  • Upload all my 'Week in 60' videos
  • Start the push-ups and sit-ups again after taking a week off
  • Finish Knightly Academy. It's been too long and I feel bad that I haven't read it yet!
  • Get the ball rolling on the Kingdom Assignment
This is going to be actually kind of difficult. I'm working 30 hours this week and a lot of them are afternoon shifts, which means I don't have the afternoons free to get things done. I've actually got to email my friend and co-worker Ellie tonight after my video finishes uploading so she can get started designing the RoboFillet shirts. She said she'd do them for free because she did not forget to be awesome today.

Yes, I've decided to go ahead and make them. The response I got from you guys was great and encouraged me to get going. I'm glad, you guys, because I'd like to see this idea I have become real. In my next video (that isn't a 'Week in 60' video) I have to announce/ask a couple of things - one of them being for people to email in with shirt orders. I won't start printing until I get all the orders sorted - that way I won't have left-over shirts.

Um, if you want to jump the queue you can do so by ordering through blackduckfails -at- gmail DOT com. Keep in mind that I'm not sure how much I'm actually going to sell them for, because I'm not sure what the cost of production is going to be, but I'm looking at a pricepoint of about AUD$15-20 plus postage. I might go as high as $25 if I can find a cheap way to get fair trade or locally produced tees, but right now that's looking like it's going to be prohibitively expensive. It's a shame because I'd have liked the production as well as the consumption of these shirts to benefit people. If you know of not-particularly-expensive fair trade Ts please let me know!

Okay, I'm going to choof off and read and do push ups for half an hour or so. Sporty nerd is sporty and nerdy. Here's Embrace by PNAU ft. Ladyhawke. This is probably my favourite song from PNAU.


  1. I know a little bit about this from hanging around punk forums.

    Basically, Gildan are the cheapest ($3ish dollars a shirt iirc) and are accredited to be sweatshop free, but the accreditation is dubious and apparently they were really dodgy a few years ago. I've heard mixed reports. A lot of punks use them though so they could be ok.

    AS Colour is another Australian one with the same accreditation as Gildan, based in Sydney. Haven't heard anything dodgy about them but they're a smaller company. Some punks use them as well. is a guaranteed Australian made, sweatshop free company, but they're a bit more expensive ($13.95 per shirt).

    I've heard a bit about, looks like they're organic, sweatshop free, etc but I don't know about prices.

    And then there's always American Apparel, but I'm really not a fan of their ads and the guy who owns it is a notorious jerk with a bunch of sexual harassment cases against him. Even though I like their shirts the best.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Yay shirts! I will definitely buy one to commemorate Comment on Rohan's Blog Every Day In August! Will you be making both the Kingdom Assignment shirts and RoboFillet shirts, or just the RoboFillet ones? Sadly, as a poor college student, I should probably only buy one so I can afford to pay rent and stuff...

    And you go and do those push-ups! You'll have to show off your muscles in a video sometime. Maybe that will counteract your majestic eyelashes and all the ladies will fight over you in the comments section.

  3. So exciting that you're going to sell shirts! I can't wait to see the design for them! ^_^ I hope it all goes well and people buy them cause that would be so awesome. Excellent idea for the Kingdom Assignment.

    It just occurred to me that tonight will be the last BEDA post! How depressing! It's become some sort of routine for me to get up and read your blog of a morning! At the beginning it was sort of my cut off from the net. After I read your blog it was definitely time for bed. :P