Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Jobs. Interviews. Decisions. Travel.

Mystery breeds intrigue, I suppose. I still can't say what a lot of the uninternettable things are, but I can guarantee none of them are nearly as exciting as what you think. Sorry for getting your hopes up! I think quite possibly the cat is out of the bag on the other thing though, so I'll tell you about it.

I had an interview with the Apple Store today. It was awkward. They were like, "So why Apple?" and my answer was, no joke, "I love Borders." Laaaaame!

(Okay so that wasn't my whole answer. It's just funnier if you imagine that's all I said.)

Anyway, I didn't feel it went amazingly well; other awkward moments included the question "How long do you plan to work for us?" and the invitation to "...make this interview whatever you want. Just talk to me for a bit." I did somehow manage to get a second interview though which is scheduled for Friday. I haven't actually told my big boss that I took a job interview yet, but one of my supervisors knows.

Truth is, I'd love to work for Apple but if Borders can come back to me with more hours I'd rather stay at a place I've been at for a while and feel comfortable in than make a sudden change. It's just one of those things. I love books and I love computers and video editing. I'd happily work in either of those fields, so long as I'm given enough hours and enough money.

I did a lot of work for Borders today. I filmed enough content for three or four videos and got one completely finished. I also filmed one myself but I only had four and a half hours sleep last night (my own fault) so I am... not at my best. I think I'll quickly re-film that one tomorrow after the store closes. I really like getting to the end of a work day and going "This is what I have to show for my efforts today". Sales targets are just numbers that I don't feel like I have any control over. I always do my best to help customers and make sales whether we've got $500 to go or $5000, so at the end of a usual retail work day I can sometimes feel like I've spent my time running in a hamster wheel. This is something different though. It makes me feel accomplished. I wonder if it will last.

Do sentences beginning with "I wonder" need question marks? I don't know.

Anyway, the fact remains - I'm going overseas next year. Nothing's booked, I haven't decided exactly where and I don't know quite with whom, if anyone, I am going with - but I'm going. If that costs me a job at Apple then so be it. I think honesty is pretty obviously the best policy.

Which actually brings me to a frustration I've shared with a few people over the past few days. It feels like whenever I make a solid decision something comes along and completely upsets all the reasons I used to make that decision well. Having the carpet pulled from under you once is one thing, but recently I've been feeling like it happens to me as a matter of course.

Indecision is a really unattractive quality. There's nothing more frustrating than watching someone dither around and flip-flop on all their plans. That's me, though. See how I can't decide where I want to work anymore? See how I'm leaving all the details as hazy as possible for next year? As soon as I got a job interview for a new job things at my old job took a turn for the awesome. I'd like a guarantee that if I nail something down it won't then slither away. I suppose it doesn't work that way, though. You've just got to be firm and then live with the consequences.

I'd say I wish I was 14 again, except that I really don't. I'm probably imagining this.

So! I'm up way later than I intended to be! What a surprise!

I'm sleeping in tomorrow. I'll only work in the afternoon.

Here's Relient K covering Sloop John B by the Beach Boys.


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  1. You see yourself as being indecisive, but from what I can tell, you're just dealing with circumstances as they come, which is totally necessary in everyone's life. You've made the important decisions (for instance, you know you're going abroad) and now you're dealing with the fine print. It would be far worse if you made a decision and then stuck with it despite having new information that indicated you should change the details of your plan. Trust me, I planned my life out at the age of 5 (and I have, by the grace of God, stuck with that plan) but I would've gotten nowhere if I got stuck on the little things. And I realize your job isn't a little thing, but it's also not the biggest thing.

    And as far as I know, no, you don't need a question mark at the end of "I wonder..."s. It's a statement. You are wondering about it. It's kind of like you're narrating your thought process to us.