Saturday, 21 August 2010

Election summary. Uncertain future. Lovely Comments. Birthdays.

If you would like some context as to what happened in the leadup to this election that I'm about to talk about, please watch this Taiwanese (?) news summary animation. It's more entertaining and informative than any other report I've seen on the situation here I've seen or read. Make sure you've got subtitles turned on:

Today was election day and what a day it turned out to be! Australia made known its overwhelming lack of enthusiasm for this election by refusing to elect anybody at all to govern - leaving us with a hung parliament. Now each major party is claiming a mandate to govern, even though it's clear no such mandate exists. It's going to be at least a week until we know who's going to try and take us through until 2013. They've got one Greens Party member and three or four independent members to try and form a coalition with. If it doesn't work we'll be going back to the polls early. I don't want that, but I'm not sure I want either Labor or the Liberal/National coalition to govern outright either.

As I predicted, the only real winner in this election was the Greens, who managed to snap up an extra five-or-so senate seats in addition to the five they won back in 2007. This result leaves them with a healthy block of ten, as well as the balance of power in the Senate. Also, Family First leader Steve Fielding was shafted from the upper house and replaced by a Democratic Labor Party senator. The DLP are another socially-conservative Christian party, but according to their policies they have a commitment to "economic and social justice" which is more than I could ever say about Family First. It's likely they will vote against offshore processing of asylum seekers (although I'm yet to find anything concrete to confirm this). It's a result I'm happy with for now, although along with a hung parliament it could prove to be a volatile mix. We'll have to wait and see.

The comments on the last post were very lovely, as always. I'm glad to hear Colleen doesn't read my blog for my body. Also Colleen just in case you didn't see, Joy left a comment for you in the comments. Andrew, I'm also tempted to say All Delighted People is the best song Sufjan has ever recorded except that all his many other masterpieces spring to my mind and make me all unsure. It's definitely beautiful though. It gets five stars in my iTunes for sure.

Today I went to work and also went to a 21st birthday party. I had to dress up as a song title, so I covered one eye in black face-paint-crayon with the idea that I was going as Black Eye by Derek Webb. Unfortunately I had all sorts of people asking me if I was the Black-Eyed Peas. That was something I couldn't stand for, so I did my best to wash it all off (more difficult than I anticipated) and I drew tears on and wrote SOO SAD on my left cheek. Yes, I went as I am so Sad, so Very, Very Sad by Crash and the Boys. I then sung it for anybody who asked me what song I was. Later, I won a $15 iTunes voucher for being the only one at the party willing to perform my song in front of everybody without backing music. FTW.

Here's some old Ting Tings for you, because I think this song (Great DJ)is much better than their current single, Hands. It won't let me embed it (SUPER LAME! WHEN WILL RECORD LABELS LEARN?!) so you'll have to use the link above. Thanks!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Joy, I definitely don't think that it's necessarily bad to be immersed in popular Christian culture. I know a lot of great people with a great heart for loving Jesus and everyone else who probably couldn't do what they do in other environments. Everyone is called to be somewhere different.

    You clearly need a forum for your readers to have discussions in, Rohan. And of course I don't read your blog for your body. That's what Dailybooth is for, obviously. =P Also, your government confuses my poor, ignorant American brain. After I get settled in to a rhythm with classes and work, I'm going to have to do some research and figure Australian politics out.

  2. Rohan. That Asian video is AWESOME!!! I love that Tony Abbott's animation is still wearing his bugie smugglers in the boxing ring :D

    I wish I had some comedic informal votes to report on... 1 person voted for 'Bon Jovi'. That's as exciting as it gets.

    And I'm pleased that I have you as a source for political and parliamentary explanations... When I asked Mum what was going to happen if it was a hung parliament, all she did was look sad and say "another election".

    Haha! Black Eyed Peas :D

  3. Some quick research of the DLP reveals that they're in a bit of a shambles at the moment. Hopefully they get it together. I agree, it looks like they aren't as mean as Family First.

    Gillard leading a minority government seems like my preferred outcome. Although it will probably mean that even less than usual gets done!

  4. I was wondering, for political commercials, in the US ours are pretty much "the other side sucks so for for us" without giving you a reason why you should vote for them other than because they don't suck (I guess that is what you have for). Is it the same In Australia? Also, after your great reviews of Scott Pilgrim I went to see it and oh my goody goodness, that is an awesome movie! I think I will see it again in theatres before it leaves. Thanks!

  5. I'm so glad you know about politics, Rohan. Attempting political discussions with my friends just doesn't work. It's mostly all "Well my dad/mum thinks this..." I think next election I'll try and pay more attention because I actually will have to vote next time.

    A bunch of my friends and I watched the election last night at an eighteenth (cause that's clearly what you do at eighteenth). There was much groaning when we figured out it was a hung parliament.

    Oh how I wish I had've heard that rendition of "I Am so Sad, so Very, Very Sad" I'm sure it was epic :P