Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Election fever. Week in 60. Election fever again.

Election fever is taking me over. I know, it's embarrassing and really tragic but I can no longer stop my political tirades from hitting my Facebook wall. Tonight I learned that the Greens are poised to take out a seat in the lower house, which is an unprecedented step for the party. It would be nice to see the House of Representatives actually contain more voices than Labor's and the Coalition's, but I'm not sure what this means if we end up with a hung parliament.

In other voting news, I'm thinking I might vote for the Australian Democrats in the senate and give the Greens my second preference. Not that it REALLY matters anyway; the Aus Dems will never get back in. I think it's symbolic though, because I really do agree with the Australian Democrats more than I do with the Greens. It's a shame they lost all their support.

What are the political tirades on my Facebook wall I was talking about? Well, besides an exclamation of surprise at the potential Greens representative for the seat of Melbourne, I posted this - a video by lobby group GetUp! about the facts of our "boat people problem":

Didn't watch it? Well that's ok because spoiler: there is no problem. At least, not at the scale the major parties would have Australians believe. I refuse to vote based on fear, so I'm not having anything of it.

The election is on Saturday - I'm working in the afternoon so I'll have to vote early. I'm going to a birthday party in the evening which means I won't be able to follow the polling as the ballots come in. Most likely I'll hear the result from somebody with an iPhone and access to Twitter. That's how it goes!

Remember that epic blog post I was talking about yesterday? This isn't it. Just thought you should know.

Today I filmed a new Week in 60 video, which reminds me - I need to upload last week's to YouTube. *Sigh* I really don't want to deal with uploading things again. We need a National Broadband Network! Waaaaah!

See? Everything in my head right now is getting linked back to this truly uninspiring election. Even though it's got to be the worst, most boring campaign in ages I can't stop caring. It's driving me and all of my friends crazy. And you, blog reader - obviously.

The weird upshot of all my political awareness/obsessiveness is more than a handful of my friends have encouraged me to enter politics. Honestly I can't imagine anything worse; I'd make a much better activist than a politician. But one of the women from work told me she was writing my name on the ballot paper and giving her first preference to me. I told her not to invalidate her vote like that; if you have to vote you may as well make it count. She told me no, they are all bastards. I found I couldn't argue with that.

Here is New Jack, a song by Justice. It never fails at getting me moving in some manner or other:



  1. It's an interesting situation you find yourself in. You care about politics and their effects on the world, but don't feel that you could actually do anything by entering politics. I guess I would say that nothing will ever get better if no one who actually has the best interests of the people at heart ever does anything. However, at the same time, I would never go into politics.

  2. Kurt Vonnegut said:

    "There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution and I don't know what can be done to fix it. This it: Only nut cases want to be president."

    Obviously you're not a nut case! I probably won't see the election results either because after an election this lame, I'm doing the most sensible thing I can think of and going to see Extortion.