Friday, 20 August 2010

Comments. All Delighted People EP.

Last night's post about New Monasticism provoked some pretty lovely comments. I'll respond to each of them because I don't have anything else to talk about that I'm willing to have sit on the Internet forever. Also because the comments are interesting in and of themselves, so - everybody wins!

Colleen, the idea behind the communities I was talking about is to actually live a Christ-like life together in areas that are on the fringes of society with people that would not normally associate with the Church. A lot of the writing about New Monasticism and Christian Anarchism emphasises the need for both inward-facing relationships in the community and outward-facing ones. I totally agree this is necessary for a healthy life and a healthy worldview. Also shush, I won't be the perfect man until I achieve that marble-carved midsection (ha!), something that looks unlikely tonight because I am not no I will not I refuse to do my pushups on account of how I'm exhausted.

Tara, "The House of the Gentle Bunyip" has got to be the most golden name I've ever heard for a community of any sort. I'm glad it was a positive experience for your mother. I'm imagining the Gentle Bunyips to be an awesome group of people indeed.

Andrew, I've never heard of Thomas Merton until now but he definitely sounds as badass as you describe. I'm going to look into him a bit more when I'm not feeling all weird and sleep-deprived! We should probably make time for coffee again soon.

Oh! Just as I was writing this I got a most-very-lovely comment from Joy! You should all read her comment at the end of the post; it could be an interesting blog post all on its own. What you're saying is actually exactly what I was talking about and you've said it much better and clearer than I ever could. When I read Irresistible Revolution I actually cried all the way through the first half. I was on holidays in Sydney and I read it on public transport. I was the weirdest guy on that train. It just resonated so clearly with me; everything matched up. That book ruins lives in the very best of ways.

And that's all the comments for now. I just learned that Sufjan Stevens (also featured in yesterday's post) has JUST (as in, today, just now) released a new EP on Bandcamp. You can stream the whole thing or buy it for $5. You should do that. It's the only music you're getting from me today, so you'd better hop to it. You have no other choice.

Do ittttttt.



  1. Ah, see that makes much more sense. Unlike Joy (which, really, that was a beautiful comment), the people I associate with are not trying to get away from popular church culture, so I've never really been exposed to the idea of communities like this. I do very much like the idea of it, though I don't feel called to live that way just yet. But I'd like to start thinking that way. I'm so tired of people thinking that they're a "good Christian" for going to church every Sunday while they party every other night and pass by people who just need to be loved without a second glance. It breaks my heart.

    Zomg. Sufjan. So excited. Oh, and Rohan, you can carve your midsection out of whatever you want (marble, foam, cupcakes), it makes no difference to my view of your level of perfection. I don't read your blog for your body, kid.

  2. Thanks Rohan for your wonderful appreciation :) I'm glad my comment wasn't just considered longwinded ramblings! You're really too kind!

    Yes, 'The Irresistible Revolution' is a dangerous book! When I told one of my friends (who has read it and loves it) I was reading it, he said "I hope it doesn't radicalise you too much". But I think it has, but only in the very best way.

    I don't know if you'll read this, but Colleen, I don't think it's wrong to be involved in popular church culture as long as the focus is placed correctly - there is still a lot of good that goes on there! I don't think everyone is necessarily called to living in this specific way we've been talking about. But I think all Christians are called to love, and to be involved in community. Sounds like you have a good perspective :)

    (Sorry for the deleted comments - realised I needed to edit what i wrote, embarassing!)

  3. I just have to say Colleens "I don't read your blog for your body, kid" made me laugh. XD

    Joy's post was certainly great! I might go find her blog now...

    I think I've begun to be stuck in a sort of rut in my church. I feel like I'm doing the same thing every week and I don't feel like it's helping me grow as a Christian, really. I do have home group, I can't help feeling that it's not really doing much either at the moment though. The way Mitto raves about your home group, I'm not gonna lie, makes me a little jealous.

    I think a Christian community would just be an excellent opportunity for growth. A chance to get out of the rut I'm stuck in.

  4. Yes! That would be great.

    The first song on the Sufjan EP is more epic than all of Illinois combined. So good. I'm tempted to say the best song he's recorded but I don't want to say something I'll regret, haha.


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