Monday, 16 August 2010

Centrelink. Workin' out. Not much else.

Today I had an appointment with Centrelink and (surprise surprise!) the woman didn't actually have anything to talk to me about! The only thing that stopped this from being painfully, tragically obvious was that I actually had a question of my own. It was answered very quickly (it was quite simple) and so the entire meeting took less than a quater of the time I actually spent waiting in line. Social security is great, but it's also a bureaucratic nightmare.

Whenever I go to Centrelink I dress nicely so the people who work there treat me well. You'd be surprised the difference in service between a t-shirt and a collared shirt. There's this one PJ calls THE SHIRT because it brings out the blue in my eyes. I wore it today because I hadn't worn it in a while and tonight Mum said to me "That shirt is getting a bit small for you. Only in the arms though; your middle is fine. You must finally be filling out - broad shoulders!" Now, I know Mum reads this blog from time to time so I'll address it right to her: Sorry Mum, it's not your good genes at work. I've just been doing push-ups.

Unfortunately the expanding shoulders (although sexay) seem to mean I can no longer wear some of my favourite clothes. And those small t-shirts I bought? There's NO WAY they're going to fit me anymore. Laaaame. Can you tell I don't like spending money on clothes? I should hit up some op-shops.

I'm at this weird fitness level where I can't complete column 2, but column 1 is waaaay too easy for me. I always end up doing almost double the number of minimum push-ups/sit-ups I need to do for the final set. I mean, I'm generally fine with this. It would be nice to just be able to do column 2 though.

And with that I actually have nothing more to talk about. You guys! My life is so interesting! I feel sorry for Colleen, who is participating in "Comment every day on Rohan's blogs in August" because now she's compelled to talk about how I'm doing push-ups. Or she could just talk about this paragraph. See there Colleen? I gave you an out. Take it if you want!

Song for today is Mae, This is the Countdown. I read a five-star review for this album back when it came out but never actually sought it out. Now that one of my favourite Tumblrs brought this song to my attention I think I'd better actually track it down.

Until tomorrow!


  1. Okay A) Why have you not included a picture of "THE SHIRT" and its eye-enhancing magic? B) I love Mae ever so much. The first time I heard The Everglow, I fell in love. Have you ever heard anything off of Destination: Beautiful? Because that's a pretty great album too. C)I had a dream about Nerdfighter Camp last night and I really think you need to make it happen. D) I accept the inherent challenge you have thrown at me and here is some talk about push-ups:

    I have absolutely no upper-body strength, so I can do about 3 push-ups before I wimp out and say "It's not like I ever use those muscles for anything in real life anyway." And that usually works just fine until someone asks me to do something that does involve upper-body strength and then I fail and resolve to do more push-ups and then fail at push-ups all over again. It's a vicious cycle that I don't have the patience to break. And you, apparently, have just up and decided to change things and have actually stuck to it. For this, I have the utmost respect for you.

    BOOM! Challenge completed. And just in time for me to move 300 miles away. Until tomorrow, Rohan.

  2. You could wear deliberately tight clothes to show off your manly manliness! :P

    I sort of miss my upper body strength from when I was a swimmer but I'm also glad my shoulders aren't so broad anymore. #vain

    Push ups are harder than I thought! I tried doing some the other night and I could only do about three! The girl ones are easier. XD