Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Blankets for Peru - Uncultured Project Collaboration

Hello BEDA friends. I nearly forgot to blog today. Hahaha! This is definitely going well!

All five of you left comments yesterday and I must say I'm very pleased. You are all wonderful. Andrew, I tend to agree with you that this is probably the least important election of all time, although I disagree that everyone knows who's going to win. The Liberals just jumped in the polls today - they're currently beating Labor by a good 5%. I think this is anybody's game.

Today I filmed a video but I didn't edit it. It can wait? I'm working tomorrow morning so I'll have all afternoon and all evening to hack it into something that flows nicely. I've got to say, I really hope our politicians do something interesting in the coming weeks because otherwise I'm going to turf this whole "following the election" thing I started for myself. I wish I had a stick with which I could poke them.

*Poke poke* Up and at 'em, Julia. Time to show us some personality, Tony. I mean, there's only so many times you can point out that the Liberal Party is being misleading about the whole boat people thing before people start to resent it. Same goes for Labor and their bloody citizen's assembly. Laaaaame! But also terribly boring. Old news, etc.

In much more INTERESTING news, last year my friend Shawn who runs the Uncultured Project contacted me before I went to Peru. "Would you like to do a video with me?" he said. I was thrilled by the idea of being part of the Uncultured Project because it's an idea I really believe in and would love to see take off on a much larger scale. Anyway, a year has passed and the video is now up and posted! I'd love it if you could watch, rate, comment, subscribe, sacrifice your firstborn, etc.

There's also an extended cut of the interview Shawn and I did together on Shawn's second channel:

I'm a little disappointed with the camera quality of my clips but it couldn't be avoided. I had some serious trouble converting the clips to a format I could edit, and so lost a lot of quality. Still, I'm really thrilled that the video turned out so well and is being received so well on Shawn's channel. I'm so happy I could be part of the Uncultured Project. I hope I can take part again someday soon!

I'm going to leave you with a bit of Sleigh Bells, one of my new favourite bands. This track, Tell 'Em is a favourite of mine. I love how the sounds in the lyrics fit so nicely together. "Propane champagne propane champagne!"

Also, have a go at Rill Rill.

See yas tomorrow.


  1. Alas, the first Sleigh Bells clip is apparently no longer available in my country... Awesome video with Shawn! Will you try to go back to Peru again?

    Also, I've decided to do CEDA (Comment Every Day August), so you can count on at least one comment for each post you make, Rohan.

  2. Man, I hadn't looked at polls for a while. That's a pretty hardcore turnaround. In other news, first interesting thing in the entire campaign!

    At least we know we can trust Family First and the Australian Sex Party to deliver something worth watching when the two majors can't!

  3. The video with Shawn was so good. I'd love to see him collaborate like that with other youtubers. Shawn is a pretty amazing guy. It baffles me that he's done so much without an official organisation behind him.

    You continue to post songs and artists that are new to me! Enjoying getting to know some new artists :)