Sunday, 1 August 2010

BEDA Blog 1 - VidCon

Remember when I said I'd do BEDA both months of this year starting with A? I do. So that's what's happening.

Today has actually been a long, emotional day for me (in a good way) but I won't blog about it because blogging on emotion is like blogging drunk. It's just a bad idea. Instead I'll talk about another long, emotional couple of days - VidCon. Yeah, it's a month late but I still feel like I need to process this in words.

VidCon was so much fun. That's what I say whenever someone asks me. It was more than that, though. On one level it was a really great place to network. I began a lot of really valuable relationships there. Some of them, one day, might turn out to be professionally valuable, but for now I'm just really happy to be friends with so many outstanding people. And I think, on a much deeper level, that was the real point of VidCon. It's amazing to see the community come together on something like Project For Awesome day but nothing beats seeing it manifest IRL for a weekend. This community is alive. It grows. It dances. I saw it happen.

The relationships are really what I'll take away from VidCon. I'm not sure I can fully express it in words; I hope I never lose contact with these people. I want to be near them all the time. But alas, the nature of this community means that's impossible. Even so, I hope that even if we don't talk for a while we can always just slip back into conversation and trust each other with secrets or be welcome to stay at each other's houses. I really think I made (and/or cemented) some lifelong friendships. Some people say YouTube changed their life; I say these friendships changed mine.

I had some amazing experiences at VidCon:

  • Literally the first person I talked to knew and loved me and my videos. I was not expecting that level of enthusiasm from someone I was just asking to see if anything interesting was happening yet but it was very welcome and flattering!
  • I roomed with Steve (fizzylimon) and Adam (whataboutadam), two very quality friends.
  • I touched Paige's (hopeonatenspeed's) face.
  • I had a beer with John Green.
  • I shook Ze Frank's hand.
  • I met almost all the YouTubers I had been watching for years and they were all just as lovely as I imagined. Most of them even knew who I was, which surprised me and made me feel a valuable part of the community.

Oh lame. I don't feel like I've done it justice at all. In any case it was awesome enough to make me want to move closer to the action geographically. I'm weighing up moving to the UK next year both so I can see my friends Adam, Paige and Liam again and so I can have a real, not Australian, high-speed internet connection. I've been talking about going to the UK since I was 15 or so and I think it's about time I actually did it. Now really is the perfect time in terms of I'm young and unhitched. I worry about not getting a job though. The UK economy is much worse than the Australian one. Surely I could find a job at a bar or a pizza store or a cafe though, right? You'd think so but I have a part of me telling me I'll fail and go back to Australia with my tail between my legs.

Depressing. I'm sure it will be fine - something will work out. Anyway, today (or, now, yesterday) is the day Lisa Simpson gets married. Awesome:

Tomorrow I will blog about why I am probably going to vote for the Greens in the upcoming election. I know.

Comments por favor?


  1. Aww, it's good to have you back as a regular blogger, Rohan!

    It really is impossible to recapture huge events in words. So much of it is the feeling and the emotion of the thing, which just doesn't translate. Even all of the VidCon videos don't manage to do it justice (one of the biggest reasons I'm sad I couldn't go). But it's clear how much it affected you and how much you cherish the memories.

    Going to the UK, eh? That should be amazing. Are you planning on ending up back in Australia in the long run or would you ever consider living abroad permanently?

  2. Yay, more regular Rohan blogs :) I look forward to reading them.

    The job market isn't great in the UK, I will be honest! Lots of my friends have just graduated and are afloat in the sea of jobhunting. However if you're not picky and you would be happy just working in a cafe or something for a while, those job prospects aren't quite as bad. I think you could very likely find one, depending on where you choose to try and live. And you never know, you could end up with a great job that suits your talents if you look for one!

    I know you have lots of friends in the UK whose advice you can get about such things, but feel very free to contact me if you do want to ask about life and jobs etc. in the UK! I'd be happy to help :) And now I sound like a crazy fangirl because I don't know you at all... but, ah well, the sentiment is there and i genuinely mean it.

  3. ¡Claro que puedes tener un comentario!

    Even with just those brief highlights from VidCon it looks like it must have been amazing. If I had a TARDIS I would totally go back in time and head over there.

    Cant wait to see daily blogs from you again!

  4. I know we don't really talk all that much at church, but you're pretty awesome hey :P So glad to have you BEDAing again, gives me something to come home to, haha. Yes, I creep your blog.

    Have a great night :)