Friday, 11 June 2010

Slowing Down

Well, I refused to write in this blog while I was feeling bad and now I am here writing in the blog while I'm feeling comparatively-not-as-bad-as-I-was-feeling-not-all-that-long-ago. I'd hate for you to think that I live a private, sulky life when I'm not performing for the internet, but when I come here to talk about what's been going on and there's been nothing going on... well. It makes you think, "What am I doing with my life?" and the answer is usually the same: looking for a full-time job, working at the book store, same old same old.

I've been trying to organise adventures overseas after I come back from VidCon, but so far all those plans have been foiled. I'm thinking maybe I should just intentionally slow down for a bit and stay put on the Gold Coast. I applied for a job at the Apple Store the other day. If I can land that job and get off Newstart Allowance I'll just do that for a while. I'll do that and focus on video production and volunteering more of my time at church. Maybe I can lead a small group again. That'd be good.

Then again, maybe I'll meet someone at VidCon who'll give me a job in online video production. Ha. It seems like such an outlandish long shot I daren't hope for it. But I can't hope but hope.

Oh good grief, this is so depressing. I suppose in a lot of ways I'm just waiting for VidCon to roll around. I'm purposely not doing anything exciting before then just so I'm saving money. My hope is that I won't be broke when I come back. Then I can figure out what I want to do with myself.

Actually, secretly, awfully, tonight I had a mad-hatter plan to intern for Rocketboom. Unfortunately I don't think it's doable. I checked out the visas and it looks like you've got to start within 12 months of graduating from your tertiary programme. I just won't be able to jump through all the hoops (let alone earn enough to live off) to manage it. Oh America, your visas are so restrictive. Maybe I'll email them about it anyway, just too see what happens.

OR does anyone know of any comparable video podcasts based in the United Kingdom? The UK is MUCH easier for me to get into. I've also thought (in my my fruitier flights of fancy) of setting up my own online production company with friends. I wonder how you'd do such a thing.

Ha. So much for intentionally slowing down. Really truly though, slowing down is what I'm planning for. Maybe that's synonymous for giving up. I don't think so. I hope not anyway.


  1. Duuuude, I would so be in on that production company idea! Providing, that is, you meant that in conjunction with being in the UK.. :P

    (p.s. will pass on the finer details of my mission that you need to know as soon as I can :D)

  2. I think slowing down only means giving up if you look at it that way. After all, it doesn't mean you can't still keep an eye out for opportunities and take them if they come. Sometimes the best things come along when you're least expecting them anyway-at least I've found that to be true in my experience!

  3. Dude production company? Can I be in?

    Also, I'm looking for a job in the UK as well. If you can get a job there, and if Paige will be studying there, it will be like a huge chunk of the YouTubers I want to be near IRL will ACTUALLY be near. And that blows my mind.

  4. I'd go into business with you. Seriously.
    I mean technically I'm running my own business now, but it's mainly just freelance camera work. It'd be great to do more regular stuff. With my technical skills and equipment and your brains and degree we could totally do it. Commercials, corporate videos, online series...

  5. Come to the UK! :)

    I know this time of waiting and being unsure of the future is frustrating, but something I've found helpful when going through 'waiting' times and unsure times is to not look at them as wasted time. They're useful in what they are.

    Obviously some future outlook is important and necessary, but I've found it is much easier to be content and patient when I focus on each day instead of always looking forward. A cliche, but so so true...

    I hope and pray you find some clarity in what you're meant to be moving towards!