Monday, 21 June 2010

New Things

What-ho my faithful readers? No seriously, I'm consistently impressed with you for showing an interest in my life, even when I'm all mopey about it and talk in weird Charlie and Lola-style sentences. Good news for today is that things have been going pretty well the past few days and I have new things to report! "Good things" = "new things". That is the equation we use here.

I've been reading a junkload of Questionable Content lately, thanks to my friend James. I really identify with the main character, Marten. I even used to look like him back when I had black hair. I kind of miss my black hair. I might try it out again after VidCon. It will probably be temporary dye though, because growing out black hair is a total bitch.

I've been spending an embarrassing amount of time on Tumblr recently. My excuse is that it keeps me generally up-to-speed on internet culture. Like, who would have known Keanu Reeves was a meme now? I don't hang out on 4Chan and pretty soon I won't even be able to because of the Australian government censorwall, so this is a pretty good alternative to that. Plus, there's less porn. Usually. It also inspires me to make images like this:

and that's got to be a good thing, right? Um, Margaret Thatcher is now a meme. *cough*

Right now I'm listening to Mockingbird by Derek Webb. I mean, sure, I've been listening to Under Lights and Wires by Sandra McCracken pretty much nonstop this weekend, but I hung out with my friend Andrew today and we discovered a mutual love for Mockingbird, so I'm listening to it again, now.

I've gotta say, normally I kind of inwardly smirk when I hear people say that such-and-such and album "changed my life". I mean, there are a lot of albums I love dearly, but I can't really say that any of them have actually changed my life. Mockingbird, however, is the exception. It came along at a crucial time in my life and really articulated a lot of things I was thinking about war, religion and politics. Songs like My Enemies Are Men Like Me gave me the vocabulary to express how I felt about President Bush, Iraq and social justice.

Similarly, Webb's song American Flag Umbrella off his latest album, Stockholm Syndrome is ringing true with how I feel about Obama, even though I think it's really a song about American culture generally.

It's times like this I wish I knew how to play the guitar. I would completely thrash some soulful, protest folk right now.

OKAY WOW I did not actually talk about what I came here to talk about today. What I actually want to talk about is how I'm going to start volunteering at Juice 107.3 again. The Program Director sent me a Facebook message saying that if I come in for more training, I'll be able to have my own show. Huzzah on-air experience!

Also also VidCon is completely not very far away! It is sort of unnerving how not-far away it actually is. But first (the cat is just freshly out of its bag!) my Scottish friend Liam is coming to stay for a few days. I have to come up with lots of things to keep him occupied while he's here. I will probably take him up to Brisbane on my day off from work. Yesyesyes.

And that, I think, is a very good blog post.


  1. Oh snap! Rohan is going to be on the radio?! But will the Americans be able to listen??!!

    And of course we show an interest in your life! You're vastly interesting and amusing and whatnot. (You're going to make a video featuring Liam, right? Because that would be, I think, too glorious for words.)

  2. Yay Vidcon! and yay Liam! And yay friends!

    I'm glad we get to keep up via internet, at least :)

  3. I opened my Google Reader today, noticed that my "Webbies" folder had two new articles from one or more of varying "webbie" blogs, and wished, "I really hope Rohan has blogged. He hasn't blogged in forever." I swear to you that I thought exactly that. And then look, my wish, answered! :D

    QC is my favorite comic, to date. (Actually, no, xkcd is.) I also like Nerf This. I have a lot of comics in my "Comics" folder on Google Reader.

    Anyway, hooray for posting, hooray for your very informative post (good luck on all your endeavors [ooh i r generic]), and now I will go listen to the CD that changed your life.

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  5. I've never thought that an album changed my life, but I can say that Derek Webb has made a huge impact. Even though his lyrics can be cutting, pretty much everything he says just leaves me wanting to love more and love well. So that's pretty good.

    Thanks for the hot tip on Sandra's free album. I saw her (with Derek) in Brooklyn this weekend and bought In Feast or Fallow, which is indescribably amazing. She's so beautiful and peaceful. I'm fangirling pretty hard right now because she said she liked my shirt. She retweeted a picture I took during the Q&A if you're interested. It was an amazing evening and the whole time I was thanking God that you introduced me to them! :) My friend Christy was the one doing the Q&A; she also interviewed Sandra a couple weeks ago. You can have a listen here:


  6. Brisbane, you and Liam = Awesome. Make sure you take him on the river-cat Rohan :)