Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trying not to play Transport Tycoon

I am battling the urge to play Transport Tycoon. I am not what you'd call a gamer, except for when it comes to the frustrating, fiddly micromanagement games involving road building and budget balancing and aldkjflaskjdflkajsdfkl. In my high and lofty opinion, Civilization IV is the greatest game of all time. There, it has been said, and it becomes so.
A night of solid edutainment

But no! I must not begin my empire of train lines and road building! I'll start with enthusiasm, secure a few contracts, begin an ambitious plan to link every town with the GREATEST RAILROAD OF ALL TIME and then lose interest as I go broke because my coal mines don't seem to be as productive as they used to be for some reason (I've never been able to figure this out).

INSTEAD I WILL BLOG! Or talk on Skype after I blog. Alas none of my international friends are online right now. I can't be bothered trying to figure out what time it is in London or San Francisco or Indianapolis or Toronto or Seoul wherever you people live. All I know is that I have been let down by every single one of you. Except not really, I just think talking this way is funny.

GUESS WHAT?! I have the day off tomorrow. I'm meeting with a friend for coffee at 11 and then I'm going to film a video in the back of my car. I feel like once I've gone out I have to make the most of it by staying out all day. Making that drive all the way back home more than once a day agitates my middle-class, white guilt. Stop driving around, man. You're killing the Earth, you douchebag.

Speaking of filming videos, if you haven't made an outro of you going BA-KAWK! you should probably drop everything you are doing and send one to me right now. No joke. I don't care who you are or how many or how few subscribers you have or even if you make videos normally, I WANT YOUR PRETTY FACE ON MY CHANNEL. You don't even have to be pretty. Just give it to me please please please.

Ok, it looks like I'm going to play Transport Tycoon. You, however, can watch this video:

I watch it every time it comes up in my 'Reccommended for you' section. I've loved K80blog longer than ANY OF YOU I BET. But that's okay. I believe that if you have something good you should share it. Just be aware that you are now indebted to me for the rest of your life and on into eternity.

Then you should watch Platoon of Power Squadron because Craig said so:

If you don't continue watching all the parts I will officially disown you.

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  1. I was once awesome at Sim City 2000 (that's how old school I was). And Caesar III. And at basically anything involving building a town! Those were the days...