Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jobs, Masquerades, Church

I'm filling out forms! Filling out forms! Such fun! Such fun!

"Application for Payment Form (for Newstart Allowance)" forms are my life right now. I'd curse them if I wasn't so grateful. They really do suck though. I'm listening to some Derek Webb to make things better. For example:


Part of this whole payment application process is declaring the jobs you've applied for over the past fortnight. Whenever I look up these jobs I'm always put off when a help wanted ad says "Must be proficient in PowerPoint". I mean, I know I'm desperate... but... do I have to? You're looking for a media graduate and your standard is proficiency in PowerPoint? Anyway, there are a surprising number of jobs popping up that require new media experience (as in, I found two, rather than none at all). I just found one with a Gold Coast radio station, even. If I don't get this ABC Open job then that will make a pretty good fallback plan.

There. I've finished it now.

You may or may not want to know if my RTBEDIM is going well (even if you don't I'm going to tell you anyway). The truth is I am not off to a good start! Last night I went to a masquerade ball in which I wore facepaint, a suit and a pair of red Chuck Taylors. Even though it did not go late I got home and went to sleep without reading anything. Alas!

Anyway, the ball was on in celebration of the second birthday of 12two, the young adults ministry at my church. Tonight at church we continued the celebration with people speaking about what 12two means to them and it was such a good service. I love everyone there a lot. I gave one of the speeches - I'm so out of practice with public speaking since I left high school! I think it went well though, even if I do say so myself!

Afterward I stood around in the car park and talked to some of my friends. One of them, Andrew, is to thank for me writing this blog entry now because he said he missed my daily blog updates. I decided I should probably keep it going then (as best I can)!

It also bears mentioning that my parents arrived home today from the US and UK safe and sound. Mum and Dad bought me a Beatles hat and some Edinburgh Rock - yum! It's good to have them home.

So. I'm going to at least read something before going to bed tonight.

See you


  1. A friend of mine reads a psalm every morning (so he gets through them twice in a year, splitting up ps119). I do it once in a while (when I remember!) because it's nice to wake up to the word and it's still bite-sized enough to get through easily when you're sleepy. :)

    Also, sweet outfit!

  2. Powerpoint is a funny thing. I don't really know why it solicits such strong emotional responses from people. Sometimes visual aides are good. The problem is that Powerpoint can't do a talk for you. That's where it falls down when it does fall down. And I realise too that when it comes to all the various talks I enjoy in recorded form online, invariably I'll opt for an audio recording over a video if that option is available.

  3. haha I love your picture caption

    It WAS an awesome service :)