Friday, 7 May 2010

Depressing British Television

Mum is watching the most boring TV show in the world featuring what is quite possibly the most uncharismatic family in the UK. They're inspecting houses with the help of an ultra-posh host who never seems to change out of her brilliantly red jacket. The family peer at a video of each house using a laptop while muttering "Oh that's quite nice isn't it?" "Oh no it's a bit dark in there". They speak in a monotone and they never smile.

Now they're inspecting the houses in person. They are saying things like,
"I'd have to say this is... a nice, big room"
"I love the neutral colours. All this beige. This is very me."
"I love the garden it's really big innit?"

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything so dreary.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is a recording Mum took, but she's not fast-forwarding through the ads. Now she's fallen asleep.

OMG. The show just finished and the family didn't even end up buying a house. What a letdown. Or not, really. They were so indecisive.

Sorry. It seems reviewing awful British television shows is becoming a regular feature on this blog. I daren't write about anything else right now for fear of either giving away sekrits or getting all stereotypically depressive-blogger on you. (Yeah but no but yeah my "job search provider" rang me today and got TOTALLY condescending on me - like I was a little kid. Not impressed.)

In bright news I am getting really excited for VidCon. I really hope ABC Open don't end up saying I can't go if I want the job. That would crush my little heart and I would become a shell of a man. It's only for two weeks! Have mercy!

Speaking of other job things, there's a position available at the radio station I used to volunteer at. I'm going to apply for it, but I only have a few days left to do it, apparently. I was late to the party. The job is to be an on-air breakfast presenter. I think it's something I could learn to do and be pretty good at it.

So. I'm going to go now. See you later.


  1. Everyone has secrets! Normally I don't mind them, but with so many at once (all in the YouTube community) I just might go crazy wondering what in the world they could be!

  2. Rohan for Breakfast!
    well, really I'm rooting for the ABC job, but it was more fun to say Rohan for Breakfast!

  3. Haha good ol' British daytime television... Though I have to admit to being strangely sucked into some of those home programmes sometimes! They're MUCH better than 'Bargain Hunt' or 'Cash in the Attic'... google those sometime, they're seriously so boring!

  4. Yeah not great TV at all, it makes me sleepy....