Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Awful week, good day, John Green podcast.

I'm listening to this podcast of John Green talking about Will Grayson, Will Grayson and John says that one of the hardest things for straight guys to do is tell our best friends of the same gender that we love them. I don't know, but I've never really experienced that. At least, not recently. Something I love about my life is that I'm surrounded by people who freely express their love for each other, and that makes it easy for me to do the same.

Hi, it's been a few days. I'm pretty glad with how things have been going though, all in all.

I don't know why I said that. Last week I felt awful all week, but today I had a good day and it seems to have made everything all better. My general rule of avoiding the blog when I'm feeling bad is kind of dangerous for you, the reader, because you have no way of knowing if my life is going to the dogs or whether I'm just being lazy.


I like this podcast, but I also just like hearing John talk about stuff. I just want to sit down with him in a coffee shop and talk all day. There are a lot of people I'd like to do this with, but John would be near the top of the list.

Last week I was feeling that I was going nowhere. I'm not sure ABC Open are ever going to get back to me. I think I've been passed over and that doesn't feel good. I was also getting frustrated with my job I've got now and combined with the whole ABC Open deal I felt like I'd never escape. And I hurt my back at work. It was a rough week. I just didn't want to pour all that out in my blog with no resolution.

But today I had the day off and there was a lot of good stuff happened:

  1. My back felt about twice as good as it did yesterday.
  2. My job-search woman showed me mercy - I don't have to do the time-wasting job search training.
  3. I bumped into my friend Hannah and her friend Ross. We had lunch at Grill'd and it was good.
  4. I bumped into my friend Andrew and he was genuinely, obviously pleased to see me. It made me feel special.
  5. I found the books I wanted to find at the library.
  6. My friend Dan joined Twitter.
  7. I wrote a script for a new video. It needs tuning, but I like it. I felt accomplished.
  8. I bumped into Andrew again at the library. I promised him I wasn't stalking him.
  9. I went to a Star Wars night with friends form work. We hardly watched Star Wars at all, really, because we were laughing so much.
So the podcast is over now. They played a game where they guessed what different sets of people's last words will be. J.K. Rowling's will apparently be, "This is the real me, but you won’t be hearing from me often I am afraid, as pen and paper is my priority at the moment." I thought that was pretty ingenious.

I'm using that word a lot at the moment. Ingenious.

So I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. None of those good things that happened today have any real bearing on my long-term wellbeing, but it made me feel like this wait for something to happen won't last forever. Sorry, that was like ending a book with "The moral of the story is..." That's so unbelievably tacky. That is how it made me feel though, and that's why I'm telling it to you, so I guess the moral of the story is that waiting is never forever. Or that good things come to those who wait. There. I knew there'd be a clich√© for this situation. *Dusts hands*

Anyway, listening to the podcast has made me late for my bedtime of 2AM. Ha. See you next time.

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  1. I'm glad things are turning around. Keep your head up. #ILikeHashtags #ThatIsAll