Thursday, 27 May 2010

Passion World Tour 2010

The other night I found out Passion is on another world tour. Just now I realised that it's happening NOW. They haven't said they're coming to Australia and that kills me a little inside. During the first world tour they came to Sydney. I was there, but basically only by accident. I was SO CLOSE to not going, but I'm so incredibly glad I did. I've never been part of anything like that before, and I've seen my fair share of large, Christian gatherings. It's got to be the most profound experience of worship I've ever experienced.

As usual, these things are impossible to explain in words without sounding completely absurd. But if I found out the Passion world tour was going to be in Sydney tomorrow I would drop everything and jump on a plane as soon as I could. Money would be no object. Accommodation would have to take care of itself. Work would have to work itself out. I would just go.

Not polite.
Yet really reverent at times.
So loud at others.
Such a hunger.
Special, special night."

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Music Monday

So today is technically Monday now. That means I get to do this:




In actual fact "today" was Sunday. Am I even making sense? Anyway, Dad went to Melbourne for the week a few days ago, which has meant it's just Mum and I for the next few days. The dog is having a sook because Dad is apparently better at giving him pats than I am.

This morning I helped out at Youth Street Sunday at church (the teens' morning "Sunday school", but not really). I actually managed to get them to stop talking for two minutes and listen to me, which is nothing short of a miracle. Small steps, Rohan.

No but really, those two minutes felt good. Like, I actually commanded their attention without pissing them off. I'm hoping they weren't only listening because they don't know me well. With any luck this is something I can keep going once they stop confusing me with Michael Hands. Okay, I realise both Mitto and Andrew read this blog so I don't want to sound weird. I'm going to stop now.

I had more to write but now it's laaaate and I can't get my thoughts together to actually form coherent sentences. Lame I know, but I'll be back.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trying not to play Transport Tycoon

I am battling the urge to play Transport Tycoon. I am not what you'd call a gamer, except for when it comes to the frustrating, fiddly micromanagement games involving road building and budget balancing and aldkjflaskjdflkajsdfkl. In my high and lofty opinion, Civilization IV is the greatest game of all time. There, it has been said, and it becomes so.
A night of solid edutainment

But no! I must not begin my empire of train lines and road building! I'll start with enthusiasm, secure a few contracts, begin an ambitious plan to link every town with the GREATEST RAILROAD OF ALL TIME and then lose interest as I go broke because my coal mines don't seem to be as productive as they used to be for some reason (I've never been able to figure this out).

INSTEAD I WILL BLOG! Or talk on Skype after I blog. Alas none of my international friends are online right now. I can't be bothered trying to figure out what time it is in London or San Francisco or Indianapolis or Toronto or Seoul wherever you people live. All I know is that I have been let down by every single one of you. Except not really, I just think talking this way is funny.

GUESS WHAT?! I have the day off tomorrow. I'm meeting with a friend for coffee at 11 and then I'm going to film a video in the back of my car. I feel like once I've gone out I have to make the most of it by staying out all day. Making that drive all the way back home more than once a day agitates my middle-class, white guilt. Stop driving around, man. You're killing the Earth, you douchebag.

Speaking of filming videos, if you haven't made an outro of you going BA-KAWK! you should probably drop everything you are doing and send one to me right now. No joke. I don't care who you are or how many or how few subscribers you have or even if you make videos normally, I WANT YOUR PRETTY FACE ON MY CHANNEL. You don't even have to be pretty. Just give it to me please please please.

Ok, it looks like I'm going to play Transport Tycoon. You, however, can watch this video:

I watch it every time it comes up in my 'Reccommended for you' section. I've loved K80blog longer than ANY OF YOU I BET. But that's okay. I believe that if you have something good you should share it. Just be aware that you are now indebted to me for the rest of your life and on into eternity.

Then you should watch Platoon of Power Squadron because Craig said so:

If you don't continue watching all the parts I will officially disown you.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Awful week, good day, John Green podcast.

I'm listening to this podcast of John Green talking about Will Grayson, Will Grayson and John says that one of the hardest things for straight guys to do is tell our best friends of the same gender that we love them. I don't know, but I've never really experienced that. At least, not recently. Something I love about my life is that I'm surrounded by people who freely express their love for each other, and that makes it easy for me to do the same.

Hi, it's been a few days. I'm pretty glad with how things have been going though, all in all.

I don't know why I said that. Last week I felt awful all week, but today I had a good day and it seems to have made everything all better. My general rule of avoiding the blog when I'm feeling bad is kind of dangerous for you, the reader, because you have no way of knowing if my life is going to the dogs or whether I'm just being lazy.


I like this podcast, but I also just like hearing John talk about stuff. I just want to sit down with him in a coffee shop and talk all day. There are a lot of people I'd like to do this with, but John would be near the top of the list.

Last week I was feeling that I was going nowhere. I'm not sure ABC Open are ever going to get back to me. I think I've been passed over and that doesn't feel good. I was also getting frustrated with my job I've got now and combined with the whole ABC Open deal I felt like I'd never escape. And I hurt my back at work. It was a rough week. I just didn't want to pour all that out in my blog with no resolution.

But today I had the day off and there was a lot of good stuff happened:

  1. My back felt about twice as good as it did yesterday.
  2. My job-search woman showed me mercy - I don't have to do the time-wasting job search training.
  3. I bumped into my friend Hannah and her friend Ross. We had lunch at Grill'd and it was good.
  4. I bumped into my friend Andrew and he was genuinely, obviously pleased to see me. It made me feel special.
  5. I found the books I wanted to find at the library.
  6. My friend Dan joined Twitter.
  7. I wrote a script for a new video. It needs tuning, but I like it. I felt accomplished.
  8. I bumped into Andrew again at the library. I promised him I wasn't stalking him.
  9. I went to a Star Wars night with friends form work. We hardly watched Star Wars at all, really, because we were laughing so much.
So the podcast is over now. They played a game where they guessed what different sets of people's last words will be. J.K. Rowling's will apparently be, "This is the real me, but you won’t be hearing from me often I am afraid, as pen and paper is my priority at the moment." I thought that was pretty ingenious.

I'm using that word a lot at the moment. Ingenious.

So I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. None of those good things that happened today have any real bearing on my long-term wellbeing, but it made me feel like this wait for something to happen won't last forever. Sorry, that was like ending a book with "The moral of the story is..." That's so unbelievably tacky. That is how it made me feel though, and that's why I'm telling it to you, so I guess the moral of the story is that waiting is never forever. Or that good things come to those who wait. There. I knew there'd be a cliché for this situation. *Dusts hands*

Anyway, listening to the podcast has made me late for my bedtime of 2AM. Ha. See you next time.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Depressing British Television

Mum is watching the most boring TV show in the world featuring what is quite possibly the most uncharismatic family in the UK. They're inspecting houses with the help of an ultra-posh host who never seems to change out of her brilliantly red jacket. The family peer at a video of each house using a laptop while muttering "Oh that's quite nice isn't it?" "Oh no it's a bit dark in there". They speak in a monotone and they never smile.

Now they're inspecting the houses in person. They are saying things like,
"I'd have to say this is... a nice, big room"
"I love the neutral colours. All this beige. This is very me."
"I love the garden it's really big innit?"

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything so dreary.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is a recording Mum took, but she's not fast-forwarding through the ads. Now she's fallen asleep.

OMG. The show just finished and the family didn't even end up buying a house. What a letdown. Or not, really. They were so indecisive.

Sorry. It seems reviewing awful British television shows is becoming a regular feature on this blog. I daren't write about anything else right now for fear of either giving away sekrits or getting all stereotypically depressive-blogger on you. (Yeah but no but yeah my "job search provider" rang me today and got TOTALLY condescending on me - like I was a little kid. Not impressed.)

In bright news I am getting really excited for VidCon. I really hope ABC Open don't end up saying I can't go if I want the job. That would crush my little heart and I would become a shell of a man. It's only for two weeks! Have mercy!

Speaking of other job things, there's a position available at the radio station I used to volunteer at. I'm going to apply for it, but I only have a few days left to do it, apparently. I was late to the party. The job is to be an on-air breakfast presenter. I think it's something I could learn to do and be pretty good at it.

So. I'm going to go now. See you later.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Treading Water

Glory and honor, wisdom and power
Grace and fury, splendour and might
O You are splendour and might
Matchless beauty, endless light

Sorry for posting song lyrics. It's so tacky. I couldn't help myself though, on account of how badass this song is.

So. Apparently Mitto of all people is getting in on the guilt-trip-Rohan action.

Well here you go, Mitto. I hope you (insert horrible death here). Actually the tears until you die thing was a pretty good one. I probably shouldn't be writing this if I wish you ill. Oh well.

*GASP!* I thought I just lost everything I wrote because I accidentally clicked the 'home' button instead of my Facebook tab. Luckily Blogger saves these things as I go along. Are you enjoying my stream of consciousness? I know I wouldn't be! Oh look, a self-deprecating blogger! How original! Lawl!

In work/job related news, I'm STILL waiting to hear from the folks at ABC Open. Their glacial response to their applicants is finally getting on my nerves. I have to keep reminding myself that they are only two people and they are trying to fill 30 positions and that's not easy and I'm just one person who they may or may not pick and and and aaaah! I just need to know yea or nay. Kthx.

In terms of other possible jobs it's looking like I could very well continue to be unemployed for another 12 months if I'm staying in Australia. Sure, Australia got off easy in the GFC compared to the rest of the world, but I am not fit to work in the mines. I'm being driven to find work in Asia, even though I want to say on the Gold Coast so badly.

That's something I've not written about before. Over the past few weeks I've really fallen in love with the Gold Coast all over again. Well, I've never really loved the Gold Coast. I don't surf/I hate the beach, all the tourists annoy me etc etc etc. I don't love the city itself, but the people are another matter entirely. I just don't want to go, but I will if I have to. I always get clingy and difficult when it comes time to leave a place. Still, leaving 12two will be really, really tough. Oh God, I don't know what I'm going to do without them.

Having said that, I think it's time I found a new job, even if that does mean moving. The past few days at the book store have been tough for me and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm spending a full 2PM-9:30PM shift there tomorrow and I just hope I don't get frustrated with anyone or get stuck on registers all day. One of my managers looked it up and it turns out I've spent the last 12 of 14 shifts on registers. It's SO MUNDANE. Much like reading about someone complain about work on their blog. Moving on...

I'm fully about to make a new video - I just need to find the time to do the filming. I was thinking about it on the way to work and cracked myself up with my ideas, which is always a good sign. I don't want to set expectations too high though. It might be a flop (much like how I thought Cecil B. DeMille was funny, but in hindsight it really wasn't).

And that's about all I've got left in me. Yes, it scares me too. How did I have that giant wall of text all bottled up inside? Does everyone? What happens to the text if it doesn't get written down? Does it just get forgotten or does it build up and EXPLODE? (I like to think that it explodes, but reality probably tells us differently.)

Okay, I'll see you next time.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jobs, Masquerades, Church

I'm filling out forms! Filling out forms! Such fun! Such fun!

"Application for Payment Form (for Newstart Allowance)" forms are my life right now. I'd curse them if I wasn't so grateful. They really do suck though. I'm listening to some Derek Webb to make things better. For example:


Part of this whole payment application process is declaring the jobs you've applied for over the past fortnight. Whenever I look up these jobs I'm always put off when a help wanted ad says "Must be proficient in PowerPoint". I mean, I know I'm desperate... but... do I have to? You're looking for a media graduate and your standard is proficiency in PowerPoint? Anyway, there are a surprising number of jobs popping up that require new media experience (as in, I found two, rather than none at all). I just found one with a Gold Coast radio station, even. If I don't get this ABC Open job then that will make a pretty good fallback plan.

There. I've finished it now.

You may or may not want to know if my RTBEDIM is going well (even if you don't I'm going to tell you anyway). The truth is I am not off to a good start! Last night I went to a masquerade ball in which I wore facepaint, a suit and a pair of red Chuck Taylors. Even though it did not go late I got home and went to sleep without reading anything. Alas!

Anyway, the ball was on in celebration of the second birthday of 12two, the young adults ministry at my church. Tonight at church we continued the celebration with people speaking about what 12two means to them and it was such a good service. I love everyone there a lot. I gave one of the speeches - I'm so out of practice with public speaking since I left high school! I think it went well though, even if I do say so myself!

Afterward I stood around in the car park and talked to some of my friends. One of them, Andrew, is to thank for me writing this blog entry now because he said he missed my daily blog updates. I decided I should probably keep it going then (as best I can)!

It also bears mentioning that my parents arrived home today from the US and UK safe and sound. Mum and Dad bought me a Beatles hat and some Edinburgh Rock - yum! It's good to have them home.

So. I'm going to at least read something before going to bed tonight.

See you