Saturday, 10 April 2010

Zero Human Interaction

It's days like today that prove to me why I don't blog every day as a normal thing. I got up, cleaned some stuff and made a video. Basically the day completely ran away from me, though. I mean, I'm sitting here blogging at 12:30 and I really only just ate dinner. I've had exactly zero human interaction today because I did not leave the house. My suburb is set up in a way that prevents you from meeting other people unless you get in your car and go somewhere else.

Well done on the societal isolation, city planners.

OMG the music video for Lady GaGa's song, Paparazzi just came on Rage. I never knew she made other short films besides Telephone. I guess that's what proves I'm not really a fan (I mean, besides that she'll also probably never make it on my iPod, even though I quite like her music in a guilty pleasure kind of way). She looks so young in this one. Oh wow she really has a thing about poisoning people.


Sorry. I'm obviously a GaGa n00b.

Hahaha now they're playing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Classy night on the ABC.

My video is still processing on YouTube. Lame. Tomorrow I'm working even though I told work not to put me on Sundays. I don't really know if this was organised before then or not so I'm just going to do it, but this is the last one I'll ever work (for real this time!)

Oh wow I have no idea why you read this.

Anyway, on my last post 'tiph' said:
How is it that I have never heard of these Nerdfighters? Of COURSE I've read John Green, but no one ever gets excited about it.
I find it rather extraordinary that you've never heard of it either! I mean, I'm aware that a lot of people read John Green's novels without being Nerdfighters - particularly in America - but it's kind of weird that such a person reads this blog. Most of the people who read this found me via Nerdfighters in the first place, and for the others it would have been through some other YouTube avenue. If by chance you are anything like 'tiph', please check out the Vlogbrothers. It's well worth while.

Okay I'm off to bed. Work beckons tomorrow!



  1. Call me crazy, but I don't understand all the people going gaga over GaGa (Oh hi there, least original pun ever!) Sure, some of her songs are catchy, but you can say that about a lot of artists who aren't desperately seeking attention. But I shouldn't judge, since I've never actively listened to any of her music (I only hear it when it's just kind of... there, which is surprisingly often) and I do have my own strange tastes in things... For instance, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is probably one of the most played songs on my iPod.

  2. I am hooked. And I'm getting everyone around me hooked as well.