Sunday, 4 April 2010

(Wonderful) Fail?

So I missed the midnight deadline on this post, but I'd like to think it's for a very good reason. I just spent the night with my friends from church. It was (almost) a guy's night. We watched 500 Days of Summer. I love watching movies with them, although it's best if we've all seen the film before. For some reason almost every guy in my age-group who goes to my church is a film student of some description. It's fascinating to talk about film and story and the human condition with a group of such articulate and intelligent guys.

And so that's why I'm late for this post.

Let me ask something of you, reader. If you ever catch me moaning that I don't have friends or that I'm lonely or whatever, remind me of the people I have there at church. I know they'd all go and have lunch and a coffee with me if I asked, or watch a movie, or have a few drinks one night. Sometimes I think I make being elusive an artform. People like them remind me that I don't have to - that I shouldn't.

I should probably make this post short, but I should also talk about the auction briefly. My worst fears went unrealised tonight as gradually each item (bar three) sold on Ebay tonight as the deadline finished. I've got some work to do tomorrow posting off the items I've received payment for!

I also have to do some serious food shopping. The food situation in this house is absolutely ridiculous.

I'd also like to have a haircut plzkthx! I'm tired of my unmanageable messy mop.

Oh and finally I've got a new video up as of yesterday. Here's an embed, but you should probably just click through so you don't get the weird cut-off version:

'Till next time,



  1. Congratulations on getting most of your stuff sold! I'm looking very much forward to receiving my new scarf. :)

    And I know what you mean about needing to be reminded about your friends sometimes. I have a great group of friends back home who I only ever see during the summer or on breaks and they can slip my mind when I'm feeling lonely. But they're always there when I really need them. That's what real friends are.

  2. Yeah, I decided the other day to eliminate the midnight posting rule...mainly because I realized that on nights that I have church events, I really have no idea if I will get back to the piso at 9:00 or at 12:30. I figure as long as I post before I sleep it's all good!

  3. So, how much did you make? I'm so nosy! I know!
    I hardly ever comment (I'm also lazy! Awesome!), but your blergs all go to my Google Reader (which means you are awesome because my Reader is very selective) and so I read them every time you post. Also, a few minutes ago I spent about an hour watching your videos. Even ones I've already seen before. You make me lol.
    Hooray for good church friends. :)