Saturday, 3 April 2010

New video coming...

You know how sometimes I accidentally press command + 'R' instead of command + 'T' and lose a whole blog post? Yeah that just happened. Awesome!

At the time of writing this post the first time I was on the home stretch editing a video. Now that video is finished and rendering and it's gonna take a little while. Then I get to go on the fabulous wonderland ride that is uploading things to YouTube. Oh boy oh boy!

So even though I know the song is supposed to be super happy, for some reason I find ALL CAPS' song Don't Unplug Me weirdly melancholy in a super-catchy, bubblegum way:

The chorus is a plea! Stop dancing and listen! It will break your heart!

I'm a wee bit reluctant to tell you what happened to me today because then you'll be super bored during my video. I've spent far too many hours working on it for that to happen. All I'm going to say is that despite the ├╝ber suckage that is using the YouTube uploader, I'm really excited to upload it because I've used Papyrus (as in, the font) and it's going to piss off the typography snobs so badly!

(It's not the actual graphic designers that I like to antagonise. They dislike the font for very real and sensible reasons. It's the "typography enthusiasts" who get all, "Ewwwwww Avatar had Papyrus in it! They should have used Helvetica for some reason! I know what a serif is!" that I like to piss off.)

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to church again for Easter Sunday and I'll probably be out all day. I wonder what I'm going to eat tomorrow? All the shops are shut...


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  1. Haha, I am one of those typography snobs... *hangs head in shame*

    Though it's mainly because my dad is a font designer. So does that mean I fit into the 'graphic designer' category by proxy? Kind of? Maybe? :P

    (Though, I actually did not object to your use of Papyrus... I thought it was a funny play on words/topic with the whole 'Paper' thing!)