Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Nerdfighter Was Made

So there's this girl and I tried to talk to her and oh my gosh you guys I don't know what to dooooo.

Lol. How did you like that one, Colleen?

The funny thing is I actually do have a story that's kind of like that today. You may have seen this tweet from me:

And maybe John's response, which made it all the more hilarious:

I just want to tell the story, because after it happened I thought back to Colleen's comment yesterday and laughed at how I was going to tell you this story and how weirdly meta it would all be. And is, now.

So today I was at work and it was all pretty bog standard. Rather than being up on level two where I get asked by mothers and teens what's good to read, I was on level one, where I get asked if we have books about eating right if you have heart disease or ocular degeneration. Besides talking to one particularly lovely and interesting old lady who seemed to be quite the film buff, nothing interesting had happened. My friend Ellie and I agreed that today was going to drag, and drag hard.

But then! When I stopped over at the information desk to see if anyone needed help there was a girl standing at one of the computers. The backstory is that she looked almost identical to another girl I served once where I got really nervous because she was so good-looking (which almost never happens), except that this girl had black hair. Anyway, I asked her do you need any help?
"Yeah. Do you know where the children's and young adults sections are?"
I explained where the sections where and she looked ready to go, but because I have a special interest in those sections I asked, what in particular are you looking for?
"Looking for Alaska by John Green"
I thought, ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE but instead I said, "Oh my gosh I love that book SO MUCH!" (Admittedly, not all that much difference between them, but I'm incapable of playing it cool.) Then I asked if she was a Nerdfighter and she gave me a strange look, but I said for her to watch the Vlogbrother's videos. She was really interested to hear that John and Hank made them and she said she'd definitely watch.


Then some other things happened that were sort of cute, but giving a moment-by-moment description is a bit lame. Basically Ellie noticed she and her friend hanging around and told me to follow them etc ("She wanted to talk to you again. Go and start a conversation") so I did.

Nothing's going to happen there, and I wouldn't be writing this if it was just a story about mutual attraction (although I certainly HAD to tell the story about how someone just ASKED for Looking for Alaska). What I really loved about that exchange was just how readily another person accepted my enthusiasm. Normally when I get enthusiastic about a book to a customer they give me a look like "settle down it's JUST A BOOK", as if it's the object itself I'm getting excited about and not all the characters, themes and emotions contained within. I mean, this is always over a book they've asked for, or asked me to recommend, so I always end up feeling a bit betrayed. Basically, this time, I did not feel like a tool, and that was a relief for once.

It makes me wonder if I genuinely celebrate with other people when they celebrate, or if I give that sort of half-bemused "Oh realllly?" that I'm all too familiar with. I think I'll try and enable other people's enthusiasm from now on, because it was good to feel listened to in that way.

'Till tomorrow,



  1. John's right you know. You two should totally get married :P

  2. Clearly I can no longer read your blog, Rohan. You've gone to the point of no return.

    Or not. I always get excited when people are excited about the things I'm excited about. It's a vicious cycle of excitement. And that's the wonderful thing about the nerdfighters. It doesn't matter if we aren't enthused about the same things, but we understand the enthusiasm people feel anyway.