Friday, 9 April 2010

Mystery Nerdfighter

Oh hey look at me typin' and bloggin' at nearly two in the morning. Turns out I enjoy making videos more than I enjoy blogging (don't tell my 17 year-old self!) and was so caught up in writing my script for tomorrow's video I nearly forgot to post today!

Awesome! You know what else I was doing - watching more Ze Frank videos so I don't lose that awesome style he taught us all to shamelessly copy because it's so good. In fact I'm so caught up in Ze's videos right now I'm currently typing in his voice. I bet you couldn't tell because of the inherent limits of textual communication but in my head it's a party and it don't stop for nobody.

Here is where Ze would normally break in to song but I lack almost all musical ability so I'm not going to do that just here right now.

So today when I was at work (Level 1 info "Do you have The Wolf of Wall Street?") I went to check the information counter computers. One of my favourite games to play is clicking 'back' instead of 'new search' so I can see what customers have searched for last. Some of my favourite search terms are common nouns like "poker" or verbs like "cook". The system LOVES those. It also LOVES Stephen King and James Patterson. We have a very speedy system for things that invoke a lot of search results, you see.

Fairly late today when I clicked 'back' ready to see a search for a book's genre in the 'title' search field (for example Title: "fantasy") instead what I saw was "Will Grayson Will Grayson". I audibly gasped. I immediately got on our snazzy radios that we have saying SOMEBODY HAS DONE A SEARCH FOR WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON! (The collective response was "So?")

Later I brought it up with one of my supervisors and she said it was Kerry who did the search on behalf of a customer. I went and talked to Kerry to ask who it was. She said it was a customer, why do you care? I said it was very important, Kerry, and you should just humour me for a bit. She said it was some girl, why do you want to know? I said Kerry can you please describe her to me? She said I don't know she was a girl, really Rohan you're starting to scare me why do you care about this so much?

I tried to give her an answer without having to go into the whole internet video thing because that would have taken too much time explaining what a "Nerdfighter" was etc etc. What I came up with was "Well, like, all the people who read this author, John Green? They all know each other, sort of." She said "Oh" and shrugged her shoulders.


I didn't know we had very many on the Coast, you see. If the Nerdfighter who came into the store today is reading this then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me so I can stop obsessing about this. It's just that you're the second person to actively ask about John Green books in three days and that's very exciting to me because I love it when people love good things enough to ask other people about them.

Also today I had two breakfasts because there was no traffic.

Also today I briefly met the scary lady from the phone who I haven't told you about because it would be irresponsible for me to blog about the negative aspects of my job in that way.

Also today I did not receive an email concerning my acceptance or lack thereof for an interview for that job I won't shut up about.

I will spend tomorrow filming a video and cleaning things including but not limited to: my bathroom, my dog, my clothes, the verandah, the kitchen, the floor.

Watch tomorrow as I proudly announce the un-cleanliness of at least three of those six items.

I'm going to finish that script now.


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  1. How is it that I have never heard of these Nerdfighters? Of COURSE I've read John Green, but no one ever gets excited about it. I don't live anywhere near you (I'm one of those neurotic Americans LOLZ [does that make me closer to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl since I've got the Manic down pat?]), so I'm not the mystery Nerdfighter. I'm not even entirely sure what that is. Cool.