Thursday, 15 April 2010

More about Open, plus Barack Obama interview 7:30 Report

Good morrow bloggettes! So much love for your comments yesterday. Like, seriously. And Liam! I had no idea you creeped on this blog. I am glad I never said bad things about you (as you know I am want to do, like, all the time, because you smell.)

Oh, and Colleen, if I have any say in it at all, the content generated by ABC Open Wherever I Am Stationed will be accessible worldwide. Actually I'm pretty certain that even if I have absolutely nothing to do with it, it will be accessible by everyone anyway. The point of the project is to allow regional areas to tell their stories without relying on traditional media outlets, so it would make sense that they would talk to anyone who would listen. A integral part of my initial pitch in my application was that the ABC Open community should primarily utilise sites like YouTube, Twitter, Blogger/Wordpress, Flickr, etc rather than basing it on/in the domain (although I did recommend a set of central blogs on the domain for each regional area, run by each ABC Open Producer, which acts as a community signpost/bulletin board for each regional community, but these would be accessible worldwide and via RSS, so there's no worry there.)

So yes, long story short, if I am successful in my application it should be very easy for you to follow my/the community's exploits without even going out of your way!

Actually, this handy dandy video made by ABC Open makes everything pretty clear. Take a gander:

ABC Open Intro Reel from ABC Open on Vimeo.

Gah! Just watching it got me all excited for this project all over again. If I don't get this I am going to be devoed! Upon further inspection of ABC Open's messages, it looks like Stage 2-ers aren't guaranteed an interview, so I'm not out of the woods yet! I'm actually really terrible in interviews, but you've got to do them to get the job.

Anyway, enough about that. It might not work out, and then where would we be?! Today I sent the last of my Ebay stuff out to my peeps (what a relief!) and I got a haircut (feelin' fiiiine!) Now I am going to watch the much-talked-about Kerry O'Brian interview with Barrack Obama even though it is 2:34 in the morning.

Back. It was a fairly interesting interview I guess, but there were no bombshells. Barack was measured in his responses, as always. The more interesting part was the interviews with American political analysts afterward. I think maybe Kerry, who is used to grilling Prime Ministers and showing Opposition Leaders no mercy, was a tad polite to the US President.

Tomorrow is another work-free day, so it calls for more cleaning, as always (it's like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge in this house!) I think I will make tacos for dinner tomorrow, which means I have to buy lettuce and onions as well, which means I have to go in to town. I will have human interaction tomorrow. I will! I will!

Anyway, 'till tomorrow.


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  1. (FIRST!!1!!!!1! ... haha :P)

    Tonight is the FIRST EVER Prime Ministerial Debate for the candidates for the upcoming UK election... I can't believe they've NEVER done that before! America has been doing that for... years...

    I'll tune into that soon and see what they have to say. Not that I can vote. I should really try to get that dual citizenship thing to happen someday.