Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Job Shenanigans

I know I said I'd talk about The Book of Eli today, but I have other stories to tell. I'm going to use my topical content now when it's fresh and save my ranting about movies that came out in the US months ago for another, less eventful day.

Right now I'm talking to the ever-lovely Christina. I made a video for a friend of hers who is doing a presentation on linguistics. I'm trying to decide if I should incorporate it into a Poultry Press video or if I should upload it to my secondary channel or what. I'll make use of it somehow though, even if I decide it's really only good for a "Are the new viewers gone yet?" gag.

I have another story though, one which I put on Twitter this morning so, if you're all following me (I think you are) you'll just have to be content that I'm telling the story in more detail ; )

A couple of days ago I applied for a job as a newsreader on the Kyle and Jackie O show. This is funny for a number of reasons, but mostly because the show has been the centre of a number of national uproars over bad taste entertainment and I am all about upholding the standards of media quality etc etc. Basically I feel like I'm dancing with the devil on this one, but again, it's a job that I know I could do. Presenting the news in interesting ways? Hell yes. I'm all over that.

So anyway, I've applied for this job and my cover letter goes exactly like this:

Dear Kyle and Jackie O

Seek.com.au informs me that you are looking for a newsreader. Not your typical newsreader, but "someone special". Well. I think I might just be that someone. I know that's AWFULLY presumptuous of me, but let me explain.

My name is Rohan and I run a successful video blog called The Poultry Press on YouTube. My videos are about the news and current affairs, are always below 4 minutes in length and generally let me show off my sense of humour. I've never been described by a viewer as "fabulous" (as per your ad) but I have been told I possess "bankable snark", which I feel is almost as good. I hold a Communications degree and I am on the cutting edge of Australian and international news; both the real news and the bullshitty news. I am young and vibrant, personable and easy to work with. You said you want me to be able to build positive rapport with your listeners; well let me tell you I will treasure them as if they were my very own.

If you want a real point of difference to your news reading then don't settle for some stuffy Journalism graduate or B-grade celebrity. Instead look for someone with hands-on experience in an emerging medium who can bring something new to the table. Specifically, preferably, me.

I know you asked for attached MP3s, but all my work is currently in video format and resides at http://www.youtube.com/robofillet. I particularly recommend "Lara Bingle"(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCNEZOTZT-w), "In Wheezy's Shadow" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=finipjmCmKQ) and "Re: Collateral Murder" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clLznUy_mo0).

Although I currently live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, making the move to Sydney is not a problem for me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,


This morning my phone rang as I was having my breakfast. It was an unknown number, so I answered it and it turned out to be someone who works for that show! The guy wanted to ask me a few questions about my previous experience, like whether I've done live-to-air radio broadcasts before. I haven't, so that's probably a deal-breaker, but he congratulated me on making great content and encouraged me to enter their newsreading competition (something I think I will do, in fact!)

While I was on the phone I was very happy and friendly but also very serious "Thank you very much! Of course I will check it out! Thank you very much for your call!" Then as soon as I hung up I couldn't help but laugh and laugh. I could see myself on the wrong end of Media Watch already. To think I caught their interest so quickly! And yet, I know that my lack of on-air experience means they will probably overlook me. Pretty soon I'll be notorious for being 'that video blogger' who incessantly applies for jobs in 'the real media'. I know that's the pessimistic view of it, but...

I was also laughing out of relief that perhaps, maybe, I'm not wasting my time after all; that I may actually be employable without any further tertiary education. It's reinforced my belief that I should start looking for media internships ASAP to prove my skills in traditional media contexts. As much as I hate to admit it, traditional media is still where the money is. My new media skills won't be wasted in the long term, even if it means keeping them as a hobby in the short term.

So yes. That's my rather long story of my brush with the Kyle and Jackie O show.

'Til tomorrow,



  1. Rohan, you're FABULOUS.

    There, job done!
    Good luck with the rest, hope it goes well =D

  2. I don't listen to the K&JO show, but if they hire you I might just have to...

    Good luck with the applications, keep on grinding that grindstone.

  3. If I received that application, I would hire you on the spot. You're kind of fantastic.

    Also, you keep talking about videos you could potentially make and I desperately want to watch some of them soon, so... You should get on that. If you're not too busy... *hopes*