Saturday, 17 April 2010

I'm getting worse at titling these

Today I worked (Level one registers, "I'm looking for a book... it's got Henrietta in the title... oh you can't find it? ... No, why would I know the author's name? Hrumph!") and I was lucky enough to have Ralph (my pastor) come through my register.
"Are you coming tonight?" he asked
"...Coming to what?" I looked at him blankly
"You know. Faith in film night." I did a facepalm and confirmed yes, I was coming. I would have totally forgotten had I not seen him. It was a good night. We watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind and then talked about following dreams and living the Christian life and childhood and alienation. I also ate a lot of popcorn. It was a lot a lot like, keep-that-bowl-away-from-him a lot.

Just as I typed that out I remembered some things I was supposed to do on eBay. One person is saying they did not receive their shirt. I don't really know, but I believe them. I guess I should refund their money? What's the normal thing to do in that situation?

I am really looking forward to tomorrow, which is church, and the next day, when I'm seeing The Book of Eli with Ralph. Gah! It's going to be so awesome!

Um... I have nothing else to say so...




  1. I love that song. So good! I couldn't believe how amazing the lyrics were the first time I heard it!

  2. I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I was at a campground right by Devils Tower. Too bad no aliens showed up off screen. That would have made the trip infinitely more exciting!

  3. If you sent the shirt then you can't really be held responsible for what goes on in the land of Mail, so you really don't have to refund them; but that's just the cheap-arse in me talking :P The worst possible outcome is that the person might get annoyed and leave you some bad feedback, But it's up to you..!

    Is there an option of tracking the package, or did you send it via regular mail? Just in case you could find out if it was definitely lost or not...