Monday, 5 April 2010

I have 5 minutes

Five minutes to do this post. Well, if we're ignoring the midnight rule (as per Stephanie's comment yesterday) then it doesn't really matter. Nothing much happened today. I made a list of stuff I need to do but quickly found out that everything besides grocery shopping was impossible today because of the Easter Monday public holiday. The bank was closed, the post office was closed, the library was closed... *sigh*. Now it will have to wait until Wednesday.

Right now I'm watching a fascinating investigative documentary about post-war Afghanistan. It makes me want to be an investigative journalist. Maybe whatever job I end up with will let me tell stories about where I live. Just as I typed that it occurred to me that that's the job description of that ABC Open job that I'm still waiting to hear about. That's not particularly what I'm talking about though. If I don't get that job I might go overseas again. Maybe teach English in Korea. Have I told you about that before? It's hard to keep track. Anyway, maybe I could tell stories about my experiences there.

Now that documentary's finished and I'm watching Modern Toss. Adequately absurd. "Excuse me I have an announcement. Please avoid using lift 4 because there is a large red man stuck in it. Thank you!"

Anyway, it's fairly clear I've started this blog without any clear idea of what I want to talk about, even though there've been a few things on my mind that would make pretty good posts. I'm a little afraid I talk about Christianity too much on here though. I mean, in the sense that it's boring to people who don't care about that. Not that all my posts I'm thinking about are about faith and spirituality, but a lot of them are. I spend a lot of my time thinking about theology and philosophy. I always have, ever since I was small.

To finish off, here's a song from Florence + The Machine that I've been listening to today. It's called Dog Days. I like it. In a weirdly metaphorical way it reminds me of my life a few months from now. Sorry to be a mopey so-and-so but I'm feeling like my life is dog days right now. Um. Yeah. But they're not going to last.

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  1. The way I see it, we come here to read about what is going on in your life and what you're thinking. If your faith is currently taking up a major place in your thoughts, write about it. If it's your job hunt, write about it. Careful with relationships, though. Everyone thinks about it, but no one wants to read "so there's this girl and I tried to talk to her and oh my gosh you guys I don't know what to dooooo". Not that you would write that...