Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

Today was Good Friday, one of the holiest of days in the Christian calendar. As such you would have thought it would be a little easier for me to get out of bed and go to church this morning, but alas it was not. I woke up from my alarm and then promptly fell back asleep only to reawaken five minutes before I was supposed the leave the house. I still made it to church "on time" though (seven minutes late) so I think I can  count that one as a win.

The service itself was very sombre, and of course it was packed. We sang How Deep the Father's Love For Us and there was no closing prayer or benediction. Instead, Melissa (one of the morning church pastors) closed by saying "Friday is here, but Sunday is coming." I loved it so much. I'm glad I managed to drag myself out of bed.

Please ignore the cheesy video clip and just listen

I'd like to say I spent the rest of the day in quiet meditation, but I don't think I have the attention span. I made a new video today, as well as talking to Marion, who then got me re-watching all of Ze Frank's The Show videos before VidCon. Can I just say that the man is a freaking GENIUS? He is you know. A total hardcore overly talented genius. I used to watch The Show back in my first year of uni when Ze was first producing it and I'm sure I had no idea the level of skill required to produce that volume of videos at such a high quality. But now I know and I am amazed. I want to steal them all.

Anyway, here's my video offering for the day:

Tomorrow I'm dressing up as Harry Potter for work again. It'll be the second time I've played Harry at that store. I like how my robes billow as I walk up and down the stairs.

Anyway, I'll catch you tomorrow. I'm making a new video tomorrow afternoon, too. I'm off to write the script for it now.



  1. I love that song. Actually, I love almost all Easter season songs. "What Wondrous Love is This" is probably my favorite.
    On a separate note, I wish I could pretend to be a wizard when I was at work!

  2. Reading this I was reminded of a graphic I came across on the Internet. It read:

    "Atheists think this just happened by chance one day. Christians know a wizard did it."