Thursday, 8 April 2010

A good day

Hi hi hi hello! Today I worked again, as you know, but before I did I posted a whole lot of stuff from the auction! It felt good to get a good chunk of it sent on its way, and I'll be sending the rest on... Monday? I would send it tomorrow but I am working from 9 to 5 and won't have time.

By the way, I have not worked 9 to 5 in a very, very long time. It's like, OMG THAT'S WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO. DOES THIS MEAN I'M FINALLY NORMAL? Funnily enough it's probably going to make me miserable tomorrow because I'm not as work-fit as I used to be, now that my store has got everyone on reduced hours (usually it's 4 hour shifts, maximum). I don't know why they've got me on all day tomorrow, but I'll find out I'm sure.

Other things I did today:

  • Paid my travel insurance (I'm going to L.A! OMG!)
  • Paid my car registration (Boo!)
  • Saw this tweet:


So yes. Today I got a lot of my financially worrisome bits and bobs out of the way and I finally got news from THAT potential employer. I mean, nothing amazingly life-changing has happened just yet, but it's feeling like the dog days are drawing to a close, maybe. At least, it's finally feeling like I'm DOING something. Finally.

But you know what hasn't happend this week? Videos. I told myself I wouldn't be flip-floppy and not make any, but it looks like it might happen. Noooooooo! Maybe on the weekend. Hopefully?

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow all tired and cranky from working all day for the first time in MONTHS.


1 comment:

  1. This comment comes to you in 3 parts.

    A) Booooo no videos! That said, it's completely understandable. It sounds like you've been busy!

    B) Yay I get my scarf soon! We had a storm today and it kept snowing and I really wanted a Peruvian scarf to keep me warm. I mean, I could've worn a regular scarf, but there's just something about Peru that makes me feel like it would've done the job better...

    C) Ahhhh that's exciting about the job! GOOD LUCK! Be sure to let us know when you hear from them.

    P.S. Frabjous?