Monday, 26 April 2010


Right now I'm watching this pretty terrible show called The Reinventors. I say terrible because it's clearly riffing on Mythbusters, but it lacks Adam and Jamie's vibrant chemistry, or whatever. One of the worship leaders at my church is a scientist and she hates Mythbusters because of its lack of rigour, but that's not really the point is it?

Now it's a show called The Coach Trip which is this weird reality TV show about a Europe-wide coach trip, where the tourists vote each other off. Don't much feel like watching a bus full of people play travel games. These tourists are weirdly antagonistic towards each other. C'mon people, this isn't Survivor.

OMG these people just winge about everything.

Sorry, I realise this is profoundly uninteresting. I made a GEDDAN video today as a response to Hank Green's request for activity suggestions for VidCon. I like some of the stills I got, even though you can't see them unless you pause the video.

I also got this rather lovely tweet from Jerry. Apparently he's been a faithful Chicken this whole time?! I don't know, I thought he subscribed out of politeness because we talked on Skype one time but apparently he's been watching ever since ^_^

It's finally feeling like winter here - oh my word, now there's some black-and-white American war movie playing and they just said that the Royal Australian Airforce is going to help them out. On the radio the 'Australian' in the plane has a super refined Queen's English accent and even uses the phrase "old boy". Fail, America. Fail.

Anyway, as I said, it's finally starting to feel like winter. Yesterday was really hot and muggy, but today was sort of cool and now it's night it's actually cold. Well, it's "cold". You wouldn't think it's cold, but I have to wear a jumper to be comfortable. That's what constitues cold for me.

Ok, now I'm just procrastinating going to bed. I'll go now. But first I'll read some more of my book (The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness). I'm up to Part III now and it's getting really good.

Kbai 'till tomorrow



  1. that video made me so happy!

  2. HAHA Coach Trip!!! One of my friends from uni has actually applied to be on that show. He had an audition in Manchester the other day and it sounds like it's likely he'll be on it. Hilarious! Though when I heard he applied, I was like... why?!? I saw it once when I was watching daytime tv when ill at home - my opinion of it was pretty much the same as yours!

    Procrastinating going to bed... I do that too... Doing that right now in fact. It's a bad habit!

  3. I had never heard of Coach Trip before, so of course I had to go look it up. To be honest, if I had to be on a reality show, something like that would probably be my pick. I usually manage to stay out of drama, and even if (or more likely when from what I read about it) I got voted off it would still have been great to see whatever I had the chance to. But unfortunately I live in America. Maybe they could do a version of it where there are people from all over the world though! That would be amazing!

    Just out of curiosity, when you say it's feeling like winter, what temperature are we talking exactly?