Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Stephanie writes:
Just out of curiosity, when you say it's feeling like winter, what temperature are we talking exactly?
I think we have established that I am a huge wuss when it comes to the cold. Right now I would describe it as "kind of chilly" and it is... actually 19 degrees, which isn't cold at all. This is warm... what's wrong with me?!

I think last night it would have gotten down to 15 degrees? Maybe? Yeah I'm a wuss. You have to remember that these houses are built for the warm weather though, so it's all cold, hard surfaces and lots of ventilation. If the house is built for it I can go much, much colder without complaint.

Today I worked on the second level registers where I had the following conversation:

Customer: "Do you have any books about Seth?"
Me: (Waits for her to continue)
Customer: (Looks expectantly)
Me: "...Oh! Wait, you mean, like Seth... Seth from the Bible?"
Customer: "Seth is from the Bible?"
Me: "He's one of the people in the Bible"
Customer: "I didn't know that!"
Me: "But, like, there are a lot of people in the Bible... this obviously isn't... So who is Seth?"
Customer: "Now THAT is a very good question!"
Me: "That's not very... I'm not sure I can help you with just that information"
Customer: "Oh. Really? Well, yes, well, probably not."
Me: "No."

I also forgot one of my co-worker's names. It was highly embarrassing.

After I finished work I bought some red face paint ready for the masquerade ball I'm going to on Saturday night. I'm going to look so flyyyy- I mean, hipsterrrrr!

Right now I am talking to Paige Harwood. We are discussing VidCon and all the people we want to meet.

You going to VidCon? You need to tell me so I can put you on the list. Also, if you see me and are too shy to say hello I will CUT YOU. So don't be shy. OR ELSE!

'Til tomorrow



  1. I am, once again, saddened by the lack of VidCon in my future... I'll be in LA exactly two weeks later, though! I'm hoping a group of nerdfighters decides to chill in LA for the whole month or something...

  2. 19 degrees... and that is COLD? *sigh* The high has been around 17 here and everyone is out in flip flops and t-shirts! But then again, I am in England, and the Brits (me included, as an honorary Brit) get way too excited by the slightest hint of warmth and sunshine and declare it summer. We have to, we're afraid summer will happen for about a week and then we'll miss it and we will be resigned to another year of clouds and rain and cold...

  3. As a rough estimate, I'd probably say 13 or 14 is where I start putting on a jacket in the fall and taking it off come springtime. In Minnesnowta that's about average-not so much here in Spain. My roommates (one from S. Korea, one from Mexico and one from Uruguay) thought I was insane back in December because I was excited when it finally reached zero!

    Unfortunately I am not going to VidCon. I'm getting back to the states after 10 months away on the evening of the 8th, and I only have 2 days with the family before I go 8 hours away to work for the rest of the summer!

  4. Oh man, I WISH I could go to VidCon. I want to go so badly. Unfortunately, I need to get over this whole college nonsense and get a real person job so I can have money to live. D: