Sunday, 18 April 2010


The above video demonstrates why I love - LOVELOVELOVE - David Crowder. I wiiiiiiish I could go to David Crowder's Fantastical Church Music Conference but alas I am already going to VidCon and it's about time I got a job. Seriously. The Welcome Wagon and Derek Webb are playing there, though. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I want to go so badly! (Also did you notice Rob Bell was Beetlejuice?)


I'm up too late again and I have work in the morning so I'll be short. Tonight at church I was on the door handing out newsletters. I was all, "Hello! Would you like a newsletter?"

Hold on...

I fully sprayed the biggest cockroach I've seen in a long time just then. You'd better believe it.


I was on the door all "Hello! Would you like a newsletter?" and who should I see? The school captain of my school, back when I was in Year 12. I was a prefect when he was school captain so we served on a lot of the student councils together; it was a very pleasant surprise. I basically yelled "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" which I understand is not particularly welcoming, but it was my understanding that he was going to another church and I didn't think I'd see him for a very long time. Anyway, it seems like he got that my exclamation wasn't supposed to drive him away because I think he is coming back. I'm really happy about it.

Today I also watched this video:

I sort of want to contest the Question Tuesday record because I think it would be massively entertaining to both make and watch. I think I'd better wait on making that video though, or come up with a unique way of doing it so I'm not called a copycat n00b.

Oh, and I also want to finally make a Geddan video. Geddan is probably my favourite meme:

Okay I'm off to sleep. Sleeeeeep!


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  1. The Fantastical Church Music Conference DOES sound amazing... David Crowder is awesome. Music in Church is awesome. Christians coming together to talk about music and art and worship and community and living out the Christian faith are awesome. *sigh*

    I'm really gutted because the Passion World Tour (including David Crowder Band, Louie Giglio etc.) will be in London next month. I went two years ago and it was SO good. So why is this bad? It's the weekend before my exams start. And it would take me at least half a day to travel there, so it's not like I could just pop in for part of it. :( Sadtimes. Hmph.

    Oh well.

    Speaking of cool Christian stuff, I saw this video today and I liked it: