Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blog TV

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I did it on purpose because I was pretty sure I'd end up writing something that I'd regret in the long run. I think that's another important secret to blogging - knowing when not to post.

Currently I'm uploading my video entry to the Kyle and Jackie O news reading contest. Basically it's the video I posted on my channel sans the phone bit. I decided to leave my manic outro in, because I feel that not leaving it there would gravely misrepresent me. I believe in full disclosure before taking a job, you see.

Today I helped with the 9AM YouthStreet Sunday at morning church for the first time. It was pretty good, although I was mostly just observing. I decided I would stay for the sermon at the 10:45 service because my church is starting a series on the Holy Spirit. The lead pastor was doing a preliminary sermon clearing up some misconceptions people have about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity in general. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on it although it was pretty much the same as my own so there was nothing challenging there.

Also today I did a spontaneous BlogTV show with my friend Mitto. The peeps who showed up liked to take screen shots of our faces as we talked, so this is what you missed out on if you weren't there.

At one point the screen froze because Mitto's laptop overheated. These were the looks on our faces the moment it happened:

In this picture Mitto is smiling nicely. I am looking like I'll hurt you:

My favourite quote/recurring joke from the show was "I think that's a fetish". We had many a lol, especially when I sang Trolololo and gave a live rendition of what I could remember of Sexy Semicolons. Yeah, we had fun.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Darn Australians... doing a spontaneous show at a time which is in the middle of my night! :( Grr.

    Haha :) Glad it was fun though!

    Tonight at church we were celebrating the fact that God is a God of LIFE, which was awesome. Read bits from both Genesis and Revelation which was cool. Really good to be reminded of that and to be challenged to think about what that means for our lives. Feeling pretty joyful :) It's such a cliche (but so true) that God is GOOD. :D