Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Bibliography Section




I don't know. I am just going through the motions today. By all rights I should be asleep right now, but for some reason I bought Skittles yesterday and I had some left over. I ate them just before now. I ate them and now I'm all weird and sugary.

Today I worked (Level two registers, "I'm looking for the bibliography section... the what? The biography section? Probably.") and everyone was like "Rohan you are not yourself today. What has happened?" All I can say is that I am sort of exhausted, but not for any real reason. Yesterday it was because I didn't get enough sleep, but today I slept in 'till midday.

I was so tired that after work I actually slept in my car for half an hour before I went to Bible study. It was a pretty awesome little nap actually. I should probably do it more often.

As it stands, it is 1AM and I have been looking forward to bed all day. I have no idea why I've procrastinated a whole hour before posting this. I'm going to sleep now - I guess a real post can wait until tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like someone needs a Skittles intervention...