Thursday, 1 April 2010


It is 11:27pm on the first of April and I've decided that even though BEDA is taking place in August this year, I'll try to do it in April too.

Things have been going well so far. It's Good Friday tomorrow so I'll be going to church in the morning. I probably should have gone to sleep half an hour ago, but I'll survive I'm sure.

I know that talking about money makes people angsty and uncomfortable, but I guess it's okay here... kind of... sort of... Anyway, yesterday I spent (almost) literally all my money on some plane tickets to L.A in time for VidCon, so barring a major disaster my attendance at VidCon is now completely locked in. Who do I talk to about getting my name put on the site? I'm sure everyone wants to know I'll be there. (Hahahaha!)

But really, I'm super excited about this. If for some reason you don't know, I've put some stuff up for auction to try and cover some of my costs in going to VidCon this year. I made a video about it too:

Alas not many people have bid, but I guess if even just some of that stuff moves I'll be considerably ahead of where I was yesterday money-wise. It doesn't look like I'll sell everything though, like I'd hoped, so there will be no $500 12-hour BlogTV celebration (the 24-hour celebration is beyond being a reasonable expectation now). I'm kind of glad, because it means I get to keep those 12 hours, but at the same time it would have been kind of fun! I'll find another reason to have one I suppose ^_^

All this talk about money might make you worry, but don't freak out thinking I'm broke or anything - I'm getting a lot more work than I have been in the past so I'll be fine =)

It was funny when I bought my tickets the other day. I booked them through a travel agent (I wouldn't normally do that, but it's a long story) and the woman wasn't the usual woman I deal with. She was like, "What are you going over for?" and I said it was so I could see my family and to go to a conference. She asked what the conference was about and I said "online video". She did a double-take and said "...What line of work are you in again?" I'm not sure who or what she thought I was, but I think it's amusing that people still think it's weird to upload videos to the internet.

Finally, I know the storm is over in Australia, but in actual fact April 2nd is the day I have to be most worried about getting pranked. April 2nd is when America is still going through April 1st - if I don't have my guard up then I can get pranked without it even being April Fools. It's happened before. It's not pretty.

Okay I'm going to go. It's nearly midnight and I'd hate to be late for my FIRST entry in Blog Every Day April!



  1. I'm giving BEDA a shot too!
    Before today I had only actually written one entry, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes, but I will try nonetheless!

  2. Ahhhh, I was on the fence about doing BEDA again and now I think I'm going to do it... This is going to be interesting... I hadn't even realized it was going to be moved to August. I'm bad at keeping up.