Friday, 26 March 2010

Do not want to title this.

I should be asleep! Like, right now! I'm going up to my sister's place tomorrow (uh, today) so I can see her and her husband and all my cousins. I could have just said "family gathering" but I like to be specific or something.

I have a lot of video ideas. I really do. I have so many video ideas they are all vying for my attention at once. My brain is like Mr Burns and his door full of disease plushies. I'm not sure you could ever fit another idea in there without me exploding. Yessir! I haven't made any this week though because, well, I don't really know. I've had a weird week. I'm living on my own because my parents are overseas and the government is starting to get antsy about how I don't have a job. Oh government, don't you see I'm trying my hardest?

Anyway, that topic is depressing and boring. I can already see you slowly atrophy right there in your seat as I type this. I'll make a LIST of video ideas so I don't forget them.
  • Garage sale
  • The sudden resignation of the South Australian Attorney General
  • How gaming (and therefore social networking) will make a better future
  • My top five under appreciated YouTubers
  • My top five adequately appreciated YouTubers
I'm sure I've thought of more but have since forgotten them. Alas! Still, there's more than two weeks worth of videos there in that list. I was actually wanting to do a "Top five YouTube CRUSHES" list (that is to say, 'Top five female YouTubers"), but considering my relationship status appears to be the most hotly talked about issue concerning my fine self online, I'm afraid that would be misconstrued REALLY fast.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with this wonderful song by Sandra McCracken (say 'crack' again... crack). I love this song, entitled In Feast or Fallow because it has the beautiful feeling of an old hymn (as far as I'm aware it's an originally written song, but I might be wrong) but also feels like something you'd sing at a protest rally. I heart it.

Until next time,


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  1. That song is GORGEOUS! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    Getting a real job is scary, right? That's one of the reasons I'm ok with having six more years before I have my doctorate. I have a nice college-y cushion before I have to be all grown up. Any news on that ABC Open job you applied for?