Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ugly Things

Have you been to Coffee & Zombie Movies? Chelle is running a competition there. An uglies competition. Let the ugly commence:

Not actually sure what's uglier, the gnome or my face, but there you have it - that's my entry. Unfortunately I'm away on holidays in New Zealand (as most of you already know) so I don't actually have access to my most ugly possessions. I did, however, have these other pictures on my hard drive.

Nobody saw this picture, okay? I'm not even going to say who or what that is; I would get killed if the powers that be knew it was on the internet.


Thank you and good night!



  1. You own flysex? That IS ugly. I won't tell your grandparents that you entered them in an ugly contest and that doesn't look like Clint Howard, it looks like Richard Dreyfuss.