Friday, 12 February 2010

Two things I forgot

Oh! I just published the last post but there are two things I forgot about!

The first is that I was interviewed by John Lacey's podcast, JOJCAST a little while ago and it was great - you can find it here. What you may not know is that I also feature in this week's episode, amongst other people, but they are all nice. You should listen to it, and them, and him.

The other thing is that while I was away from blogging etc I went to the wedding of my friends Jesh and Corinne. I was a groomsman there and I wore a suit. Now there is photographic evidence of my absolute hotness in a suit. I'm not even going to try and gloss this one over. I look damn fine in a suit. It's just empirical fact.

See? I told you. Ha. Actually I'm not sure this picture conveys the true glory of what it is for me to be wearing a suit, plus I think my collar is funny. Anyway, I'll leave that one up to your fertile imaginations. At least, until I wear that suit in a video. Oh I am SO excited to wear that suit in a video. You have no idea.

(It's my first suit. Let me gush this once.)



  1. Suits are amazing! You're allowed to gush :)

  2. That suit is amazing, you are correct. Let the gushing continue.

  3. Normally, I watch your videos, read your blog and think, hey, that's a charming, fun, entertaining guy rather than focus on your looks, but, hoo, boy. Work that suit. You do look quite dashing.

  4. I had some doubts about the black hair but within a suit context it looks particularly smashing...