Sunday, 14 February 2010

Real V-Day

I just finished writing a whole blog post about what I did today and then I accidentally reloaded the page. It was an AWESOME post, too. Oh man... I don't think I've got the heart to re-write it. JASLKDJFLKASDJFLAJSDFLSDJFLASJ OKAY FINE I WILL TRY AND WRITE WHAT I REMEMBER BUT IT WON'T BE AS GOOD OKAY.

Today was the actual V-Day. I won't bore you with my V-Day musings considering I've already publicly mused them. Instead I will tell you what I did today.

This morning I woke up to find White Cat had decided to make my bed her bed. I was okay with this arrangement up until I realised that she takes up an awful lot of room considering her small size. She stayed on my bed all day, so I decided that she is my valentine. She's here now actually. She likes me. I can tell even though she scratched me last night. Oh White Cat, you're so capricious. Or should that be CATpricious - eh? Eh? Anyone?

Before White Cat happened I was a dog person through and through, but now my two latest Dailybooth photos have featured her, the new love-of-my-life. AWW SHE JUST SCRATCHED HER EAR THAT IS SO CUTE! It's slowly happening, you guys; I'm slowly becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. Now all I need is frizzy hair and a floral-print frock. Remember, I've already got the walking stick for wavin'.

I didn't do anything else during the day besides watch this random episode of American Idol. I don't even know why I did that because I have so many other, better shows on my laptop/external HD/Lewis' DVD shelf. Simon was all OMG YOU'RE SO BAD NEXT and Randy was all YEA SING IT SISTA and I was all LOLOLOL HIS NAME IS RANDY.

This evening I went to church with Rache and friends. It was good; I really like it there. It's actually eerily similar to my church back on the Gold Coast, except it is Baptist. When I went last week I wasn't sure if I needed to dress up or not - some night churches are really glitzy (ugh!) - so I wore a collared shirt just to be safe. Then when the service started and the worship leader got up to sing he was wearing just a t-shirt, shorts and bare feet. I internally sighed in relief - these are my people.

Now I'm here, re-writing a blog post I accidentally deleted just before. White Cat is next to me being the cutest thing ever in the whole world and I have my Top Rated songs playing on shuffle. It was a pretty good V-Day, in the end.


PS. All your suit-related comments from two days ago were too kind!

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