Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lame Post of Lameness

Hey there. Just checking in again for you all, my lovlies. I'm still filling out that job application (it's long and harrowing), but I feel like I shouldn't be using that as an excuse not to blog. Plus, I like blogging. I don't know why I don't blog more often. Hopefully, if I get this job, I can blog every day. Yeah, it's one of those jobs. They don't come around very often. I NEED to get one of those 30 positions.

Anyway, that's not what I came here to blog about. I could post a little diatribe I wrote and saved as a draft on Tumblr, but I'm feeling like that would be all a little too self-important of me, considering the topic. Or maybe I'll break it out for a special occasion later on. I'm sure you'll all be very sympathetic.

And so it occurs to me that, although I may be on holidays in New Zealand, I am currently the most boring person on Earth. Right now I've come to acquire a song by Lifehouse which contains the line "How could I stand here with you and not be moved by you?" which I find compelling, but in a way that I'm sure will seem kind of quaint or overly earnest if I were to articulate exactly why. Other than that I'm just having a good time with my friends, but not actually being a tourist. I sort of like that idea, that people think I'm just some Australian who lives here permanently. I like it here in the summer. The weather is lovely and I get to laugh at the locals who think it is too hot. I'm sure once winter were to roll around it would be a different story, though, and the joke would be on me.

There's absolutely no point to this entry. I apologise for being so lame.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010


This made me laugh, by the way:

Okay now read the post below this one.

Real V-Day

I just finished writing a whole blog post about what I did today and then I accidentally reloaded the page. It was an AWESOME post, too. Oh man... I don't think I've got the heart to re-write it. JASLKDJFLKASDJFLAJSDFLSDJFLASJ OKAY FINE I WILL TRY AND WRITE WHAT I REMEMBER BUT IT WON'T BE AS GOOD OKAY.

Today was the actual V-Day. I won't bore you with my V-Day musings considering I've already publicly mused them. Instead I will tell you what I did today.

This morning I woke up to find White Cat had decided to make my bed her bed. I was okay with this arrangement up until I realised that she takes up an awful lot of room considering her small size. She stayed on my bed all day, so I decided that she is my valentine. She's here now actually. She likes me. I can tell even though she scratched me last night. Oh White Cat, you're so capricious. Or should that be CATpricious - eh? Eh? Anyone?

Before White Cat happened I was a dog person through and through, but now my two latest Dailybooth photos have featured her, the new love-of-my-life. AWW SHE JUST SCRATCHED HER EAR THAT IS SO CUTE! It's slowly happening, you guys; I'm slowly becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. Now all I need is frizzy hair and a floral-print frock. Remember, I've already got the walking stick for wavin'.

I didn't do anything else during the day besides watch this random episode of American Idol. I don't even know why I did that because I have so many other, better shows on my laptop/external HD/Lewis' DVD shelf. Simon was all OMG YOU'RE SO BAD NEXT and Randy was all YEA SING IT SISTA and I was all LOLOLOL HIS NAME IS RANDY.

This evening I went to church with Rache and friends. It was good; I really like it there. It's actually eerily similar to my church back on the Gold Coast, except it is Baptist. When I went last week I wasn't sure if I needed to dress up or not - some night churches are really glitzy (ugh!) - so I wore a collared shirt just to be safe. Then when the service started and the worship leader got up to sing he was wearing just a t-shirt, shorts and bare feet. I internally sighed in relief - these are my people.

Now I'm here, re-writing a blog post I accidentally deleted just before. White Cat is next to me being the cutest thing ever in the whole world and I have my Top Rated songs playing on shuffle. It was a pretty good V-Day, in the end.


PS. All your suit-related comments from two days ago were too kind!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ugly Things

Have you been to Coffee & Zombie Movies? Chelle is running a competition there. An uglies competition. Let the ugly commence:

Not actually sure what's uglier, the gnome or my face, but there you have it - that's my entry. Unfortunately I'm away on holidays in New Zealand (as most of you already know) so I don't actually have access to my most ugly possessions. I did, however, have these other pictures on my hard drive.

Nobody saw this picture, okay? I'm not even going to say who or what that is; I would get killed if the powers that be knew it was on the internet.


Thank you and good night!


Friday, 12 February 2010

Two things I forgot

Oh! I just published the last post but there are two things I forgot about!

The first is that I was interviewed by John Lacey's podcast, JOJCAST a little while ago and it was great - you can find it here. What you may not know is that I also feature in this week's episode, amongst other people, but they are all nice. You should listen to it, and them, and him.

The other thing is that while I was away from blogging etc I went to the wedding of my friends Jesh and Corinne. I was a groomsman there and I wore a suit. Now there is photographic evidence of my absolute hotness in a suit. I'm not even going to try and gloss this one over. I look damn fine in a suit. It's just empirical fact.

See? I told you. Ha. Actually I'm not sure this picture conveys the true glory of what it is for me to be wearing a suit, plus I think my collar is funny. Anyway, I'll leave that one up to your fertile imaginations. At least, until I wear that suit in a video. Oh I am SO excited to wear that suit in a video. You have no idea.

(It's my first suit. Let me gush this once.)


Walking Stick: VidCon? I mean, what?

Did I really say I was going to blog every day and then not blog the very next day? I guess that actually happened. Well, if you've been following this blog for a long time (and what a patient soul you must be, if you have been) you'd not that's actually nothing out of the ordinary. I'd hate for that to reflect on the sort of person I am, though. I've just watched episode 1 of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. It was epic, and I don't usually watch Survivor.

I went to this "preview" screening of LOST and Flash Forward the day before yesterday. The word "preview" is in quotation marks because that episode of LOST was actually screened in the States six days prior, and Flash Forward was actually season 1 episode 1 - so around about six or seven months behind the States. Oh you've got to love living in the Southern Hemisphere. Anyway, at the "preview" we were given an epic amount of swag. We got a Flash Forward notebook (which was the least interesting item), a set of LOST binoculars, LOST sun tent and a Dharma Initiative walking stick.

I'll say that again. A Dharma Initiative walking stick. Lewis can't get over how I can't get over it. But I was like, a walking stick? Seriously? It even has an LED torch on the front of the stick; I guess it's so you can see while you hobble through the darkened interior of that mysterious hatch that got blown up probably I mean I didn't really see it I stopped watching at the end of the second season hey aren't run on sentences cool?

But really. I was kind of blown away by the walking stick. It even has the Disney corporate logo on it. I am all like WOA MAN WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! But I am totally holding onto that stick. I'm not going to let it go unless somebody wants to buy it for a lot of money. Why? Because I want to go to VidCon, that's why.


No question marks for that one. It was a rhetorical question. What it needs is an irony mark, but they don't make those any more. But yes, I'm trying to go to VidCon, but it's looking grim. I mean, I have to go now that I'm not going to Peru. If not just for how awesome it would be, then because it would be a seriously stupid professional move for me to pass that conference up. Anyway, I'm working on it. I'm hoping something will reveal itself at the last minute. Or considerably before the last minute. As close as possible to right now would be great.

One last thing, if you've managed to stick with me so far. If you want to ask me questions or leave me comments or whatever that would be really great. I got a couple on my last post and you are all lovely. Or if you're afraid I might judge you (which is a totally baseless fear, by the way, but just in case) you can do so on my Formspring where it's all totally anonymous. You could even leave me abuse there too, if you wanted to. The reason I bring up my Formspring is because a lot of the questions there are pretty low-calibre (I mentioned this in my last post, hey?) and I reckon my blog readers could raise the bar a little.

Anyway, I love you; you are all fine, fine examples of your species, and I bid you goodnight.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Early Valentine's Day Musings

They say the best way to learn how to write is to write every day. I'm going to try my best and get some discipline back in my life. I've never been great at personal discipline, but I guess the road to getting there means I have to start somewhere. And so, I will try and blog every day. Don't expect overly coherent things each time though.

I guess what I'm thinking of just now is Valentine's Day, although it's some way off just now. I've never been one to get crazily upset whenever V-Day rolls around, despite being single for every single one. Instead I'm just sort of stoically indifferent; I feel it's a holiday that simply doesn't apply to me. I guess I'm here blogging about it now though, so it's got to be having some sort of subliminal effect, right?

Someone on Formspring today told me that going on blind dates was helpful because "you'll be able to relax more on future 'real' dates". Hayley recently blogged that she felt the same way about her past relationships. I guess I'm going to go into my future relationships blind. So, WARNING: will be a crappy boyfriend. I'm a little afraid of that now, to be honest, but I know that anyone not patient enough to put up with my crap for a little while and set me right isn't going to be right for the long run anyway. File under: Helpful But Not Necessary.

It's a little bit weird because a lot of my friends are beginning to get married and/or have kids. Sometimes I feel left behind, but then I remember I'm only 21. I guess it's a little bit sad that I can't share the day with someone, but I'm sure that day will come eventually. I actually, genuinely, enjoy being single; I guess right now any girlfriend would have to be as mobile as I am right now for me to even consider it. I don't know. It would be nice to have someone to travel with I suppose, but it seems unlikely. Perhaps I'll be single forever. Would that be so bad? Maybe not, but thinking that way feels like giving in, so I won't do it.

Anyway, I'm pretty much done with this topic. I don't even know why I brought it up. It'll just fuel the speculation-fire about my (non-existent!) love-life that continues to burn on Formspring. Was that a run-on sentence? Is it disgustingly meta that I ask myself grammar-related questions in my own blog posts? Is  it disgustingly meta that I ask myself questions about being meta in my own blog posts?


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The story so far

Hello once again my lovelies. It occurs to me that I haven't actually blogged since my request for people to sign up to my mailing list. Alas, some things have changed since then. You've probably heard already, but my trip to Peru didn't work out. Increasing security concerns have meant I can't go until things settle down again, which sucks, but is unavoidable. And so, instead of looking toward an intimidating, yet certain, short term future in South America, I am looking towards a safe, yet completely uncertain long term future somewhere, anywhere, else.

Good grief. So many commas. I told myself I'd reign them in, but to no avail.

Right at this very moment I'm sitting at the dining table at my friend Jess' house in New Zealand. She and my other friend Denise live closer to Auckland city than Lewis does (I'm currently staying with Lewis) so I'm staying here for a few days to see the sights. I'm feeling sort of reflective and peaceful, but I need to get some thoughts down and express my worry about what on Earth I'm actually going to do with myself now. I mean, that's a little silly since I've stopped feeling sorry for myself by now, but the fact remains - I don't actually know what I'm doing.

A lovely subscriber of mine by the name of Stephanie sent me a package just before I left for NZ. Thankfully the package was not full of anthrax - as the television would have had me believe - but was full of Jesus Culture CDs. So I'm listening to "Your Love Never Fails" by Jesus Culture, which has been a great comfort to me since my plans were abruptly thrown into turmoil. Its line, "You make all things work together for my good", while not strictly theologically true, is still a good reminder of the real verse upon which it is based: Romans 8:28.*

I hate to sound like some starry-eyed, Christian cliché, but I know this will work out for the best. We are told that following God means surrendering our own plans. Almost every testimony I've heard has included some variation on the line "Jesus came into my life and messed it all up, and I couldn't be gladder." It's a cheesy line, as if we couldn't see the end coming as soon as you started, but whatever. It has proven true for my own life so far, and it is a sentiment repeated by all sorts of Christian people I hold in high regard. I don't know what's coming, but I'm sure it will be something good.

You stay the same through the ages,
Your love never changes,
There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning,
And when the oceans rage,
I don't have to be afraid,
Because I know that you love me,
Oh, your love never fails.

Okay, I'm going to go to bed. I'm sleeping in the lounge room and I bet I'm going to be woken up early in the morning. I'll try and blog more often, it's nice.


*The verse actually reads "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." If we truly believed that God made all things work together for our individual good, we raise a lot of problems and basically reduce Christianity into a huge, rule-ridden, tradition-bound version of The Secret. Instead, the verse is clearly focused on the people of God as a whole, working together in community and forsaking our individual gain, such as in Matthew 10:37-42, and would be better sung as "You make all things work together for OUR good."